Arborfield Weekly-ish Update #1

Release From The Deputy Mayor
Hello! I have been doing alot of press releases and updates recently. I think its time we start numbering them and naming them! This one is going to be the first numbered one, that can be referred to as the Mayflower Update!

New County Administration

With the new county administration, the mayor, and possibly me, will meeting up soon with him some time next week. We welcome him and the new councilman that have joined the county council. I, myself, am apart of the council, and shall vouch for city governments and what the citizens of Arborfield believe in!

Mayflower Situation

If I didn't mention this, who would I be? Basically, Mayflower and Firestone are exchanging arguments on who is better. Lets be honest, Mayflower began this! They voided and suspended their own constitution, which makes them a dictatorship. Both sides have also been in the process of a meme war lately. This has come to the point where people are protesting for war!

Here are just 2 memes exchanged by both sides:


Founding of The Municipality Coalition

Recently, if you have been attentive, we established the Municipality Coalition. Being a member of the county council, I will attempt to get the group representation on, at a minimum, all bills relating to city governments. If you want to learn more about us, see our announcement thread, and join our discord!


Firestone is chaotic, mayflower is basically attacking our dignity, I suggest we stand up against Mayflower! By peacefully protesting to get our elected representatives to take action against Mayflower in some way. Wether that be peaceful action, or war action. As always, thank you for reading, we will update you sooner or later if we need to! Also remember to stand up for whatever you believe in! :)

To forum mods:

Yes, this does mention the mayflower firestone thing, but I doubt there will be much argument on this thread.

This is also an offical city government document addressing other recent events in city government

Thank you for understanding,

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