Arborfield Deputy Mayor - 11/16/22 Statement

It’s very clear, we need more of a statement after my cities tragic issues.

To be clear, I had no part in removing faachiano and I was never for it. The mayor called for a poll on the Chief and the APD. While APD is the only city police I see patrolling regularly. The mayor’s poll sparked outrage and rumors started that the Police Chief will be removed. Then shortly, a council member who has since retracted this brought up impeachment which caused more outrage. However, the whole situation was resolved. I call for an appropriate response to tonight from the Mayor. The fear that residents got tonight was uncalled for. Faachiano is here to stay.

If you have any questions, please reach out at eglz#6199.

The Deputy Mayor, Arborfield.

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AGREED! Thank you Deputy Mayor Eglz

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