Another Release, 03/21/2019

Good evening, quite a lot has gone down since my last release, which I won’t be discussing in this release. I’m here to discuss the current status of the Cabinet. I’ve been monitoring the Cabinet closer than normal, and I’ve made some observations that I will be acting on in the coming weeks. If you haven’t been following along, here are the links to our Discord and Trello. Below, I will be releasing some of the updates & status of each department. I hope you all have a wonderful night, goodnight.

Firestone Department of Justice

The Firestone Department of Justice has continued to maintain superb activity, and has prosecuted several cases leading to a safer Stapleton. The department has expressed concern over the legislative body attempting to reduce maximum prison sentences by almost 66%, this would prove to be dangerous to the state and would make the jobs of the Firestone Department of Justice harder. They have been requesting that more and more law enforcement officers record their patrols and file criminal case requests as much as possible to increase caseload, and increase prosecutions. They’re currently seeking to hire one more State Attorney. The Public Defender’s Office is currently at its peak. Recently, thekerbal has been selected as the Assistant Attorney General (Head of the Public Defender’s Office) and has taken the initiative in streamlining their process.

Firestone Department of Boating & Waterways

The Secretary of the Firestone Department of Boating & Waterways has been working on a forum hub that includes all department guidelines, regulations, etc. On a personal note, I’m excited to see the hub that Secretary Ash1835 is working on.

Firestone Peace Officer Standards & Training

Operations within the Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) have been running normally, as they just started a new class with over 110 active cadets! POST will also have a forum and new Discord releasing soon.

Firestone Department of Public Safety

Operations within the Department of Public Safety have been running smoothly. All investigations are now followed up with an investigation report, used to reflect on the overall investigation and its outcome. Secretary Ftlicious has been working to set ground rules in regards to activity within the command staff. Recently, we’ve seen a spike in law enforcement officers participating in careless driving from various departments. The Firestone Department of Safety as been working diligently to crack down on these incidents. Finally, Investigator ryandanderson was appointed to Chief Investigator of the Analysis Squad, Chief Investigation themasterofall670 assumed duties as Chief Investigator of the Field Operations Squad.

Firestone Department of Public Works

Unfortunately, on Monday March 18th, at approximately 16:15 Eastern Standard Time, now Former Secretary ThalliusReborn resigned from his position as Secretary of the Firestone Department of Public Works. Executive Director j0805 has been nominated as the next Secretary of the Firestone Department of Public Works. Deputy Secretary IceyTrigger has been appointed as the acting Secretary of the department until the full confirmation of j0805 can go through.

Firestone Department of Health

The Firestone Department of Health has launched their new emergency medical training program, and they will soon assume the duties as the primary training department for all medical staff & operations in the State of Firestone.

Firestone Department of State

In coordination with myself, Governor CanineEnforcement, the Firestone Department of State has been in-contact with various states that we have intentions of meeting with eventually. I’m excited to see the future of our states foreign relations.

Firestone Department of Transportation

Not much has changed in the Firestone Department of Transportation. They’ve recently revamped their ‘supervised shift’ program to work more efficiently. The Incident Response Unit has accepted and began training many new members. Personally, I’m pleased to see the activity the Department of Transportation has been providing to Stapleton County.

Firestone Department of Corrections

As of Sunday, 03/17/2019, the Firestone Department of Corrections has hit over 70 members. With the re-addition of boats, the department has opened and set up their Marine Division once again.

Firestone Department of Commerce

The Firestone Department of Commerce has recently hosted a business fair, and has also made various changes to improve their department. I’m excited to see where this department is going to go in version 3, especially.

Firestone State Patrol

Change has struck the Firestone State Patrol, this week, they did away with their Superintendent rank to further organize their departments rank structure, for the better. The command staff has been working hard to enforce professionalism within the department. They’re beginning to set more proper standards for their troopers, on and off duty.

Firestone National Guard

Not a lot has occurred within the Firestone National Guard this week. Major General Hobo_Bear has recently updated various portions of the guard, increased recruitment and retention, and I’ve personally seen more training’s hosted. I’m especially excited to see the future of their newest addition, their medical platoon. The Admissions’ Team has been working hard to handle incoming application, and the guard may peak 120+ members by the end of the week. The Public Relations unit is now fully up and running.

I apologize for the informal tone of this release, I worked on this piece at various times throughout the day. Have a good night.



Governor of the State of Firestone
Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 1:30 a.m., Eastern Standard Time.

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Appreciate the release, however not enough information has been released. Information pertaining to recent events and progression made within each department should be written by the department’s head, and released in abundance with everyone else’s in a single document. Despite this, you’re doing a great job.


in all my time, you are the only governor to do this


go FNG


go FNG

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when fng becomes too big

on a less memey note, hobo making me proud


I’m all for transparency, and these releases are nothing far from transparency. Governors in the past have been very informal with their releases, but this is well formatted and easily understood. Keep them coming.


ok this is epic

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Firestone Department of Aviation

fdoa hired 1 new instructor, thats literally the only thing they did in like the past 2 months


when you’re proud of the FDoA

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:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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