An Internal Debate: Firestone, SCFD, DOJ, Politics, and More

Hello there. I’m Jeffrevin.
As will be made a topic of thrown flaming pitchforks in the Discord and on the Forums later on, the Stapleton County Fire Department’s High Command has been rendered completely dead. In the event that you haven’t heard yet, here’s the document.
This was publicly released within the SCFD Discord, hopefully the other Jef won’t prosecute me for leaking classified documents. (/sarcasm)
As a result of their effective terminations, InspiringFlame has decided to resign as well, completely decapitating the SCFD’s High Command. So, I believe a few things are in order.

PART I: Dedication to the SCFD HICOMM

I would like to start this essay off by thanking the High Command for their service.

  • @InspiringFlame:
    You and I obviously had our differences. Every time I was passed up in FFA, I grew more and more of a grudge towards those who were given opportunities higher than me, even despite my work and reputation. Whether or not this may be considered my ego speaking is up for debate. I always considered myself the workhorse, and perhaps I didn’t view you as a respectable equal as a CTO.
    Despite me holding a sometimes unsubtle grudge towards you, as a person and as a figure within society, I deem you to be a good man who, no matter what anybody including myself believed, put everybody ahead of himself. I thank you for your service and dedication to us as a department and within our State, and hope that I can set aside my differences and see eye to eye with you. Your leadership, even despite your flaws and the troubles of the Department, has been an inspiration.
    heh. inspiringflame. heheheheHEHEHEHEEEEEEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE

  • @iiPentagramz:
    As with Inspiring, we didn’t quite see eye to eye, either. I was evidently flawed in FFA, but at most, I did my job and I did it well, until my unfortunate end. The feelings I had when you achieved Deputy Director were, to say the least, complex. It’s one thing to be considered part of the backwash, it’s another thing to be completely set aside and see other people moved up the chain while you waste away in your position. Yet, I suppose, as a friend, I was proud of you when you got DD. I was here before you, and you were here after, and I hope some of myself has rubbed off on you, and allowed you to achieve such great things.
    Despite our differences, I hope you also considered me as much of a friend as you did everybody else. I hold the highest respect for what you do, along with everybody else involved in your field of work, like those I’ve met within the Fire Department. Whenever our DMs weren’t filled with drama and debate, they were filled with fun memories and small moments that we can reflect back on together. I’ll leave you with this: Do what you think is moral, not what you think is right. There’s a difference.
    deutschland uber alles

  • @TDScrossin:
    You and I never spoke too much, especially since I ran the medical division, and you did other stuff with the fire division. But, at the end of the day, I’ve known you to be a good friend, always able to have a laugh, and taking your job seriously whenever necessary.
    From the current state of the department (hah! well, current before this whole debacle was ever created), I’d say the department has been able to effectively rebuild, even if it was just partial, and perhaps now only temporary. This is in no small part to the dedication of the Department and its members, including yourself. You’ve been a good person, and I hope you continue to do well no matter where you go.

Not enough can be said, and not enough cannot be said. At the end of the day, my only consolation will be in the hope that each of you takes these words to heart and that you recognize your importance not only to me, but to the Fire Department, and every one of the friends that you have made along the way.
The field of lifesaving and public service is one of the most underappreciated parts of our society, a culture that a kids’ roleplay game can only hope to communicate to the masses. To each of you, and to everybody else, thank you for who you are and what you do. It’s made the difference in not only my own interests and perhaps my own life, but everybody else who’s been involved within this very flawed, dramatic, screwed up community that we, for some bizarre reason, call home.

PART II: The Effective Destruction of the SCFD

Of course, by now, the concept of utterly destroying and replacing the Fire Department has become not only an internal meme within the SCFD, but appears to be some sort of ancient holy tradition per the Stapleton County Government. This isn’t to say that the County Government is explicitly out to murder the Fire Department at every turn they get, neither is it to say that they’re completely absolved of any responsibility in- if I’m getting this correctly- the _third (or fourth!..?)_ time that the SCFD has been beaten to the brink of extinction and forcibly brought back up on its feet.
It’s like punching somebody to death, allowing the paramedics to revive them, and just when they’re getting back up on their feet, you punch them to death again. Sheezus.

This has gotten so bad that I even had to make a forum post a few months back about the inadequacies of the Fire Department. This mainly dealt with problems inherent within the SCFD at the time under Chief mrzip, but I feel it reveals the other aspect that must be dealt with in order to bring the SCFD back on track, and shows quite a lot of the reasoning behind why the County Government might try to fuck over the Department as many times as they have.
Many of the ideas that my second paragraph would have discussed are brought up within the forum post, so I believe I’ll let it speak for itself.

Jeff's Master Plan to Save the SCFD.

But that isn’t everything just quite yet.
With the decapitation of High Command once again, this leaves us with a very barebones command structure, one which is going to be carried out by only a handful of people.
As of right now, The Chief Paramedic rank. held by AntonioVernaceMD, is the second command member in charge of the entire department. He has one Captain, SwagGermanTigerTank, four Lieutenants, and two Paramedics in Charge at his disposal.

Now, the obvious thing to do would be to make Antonio or Swag Acting Chief, and they would move from there.
Swag and Antonio, if you’re reading this, I mean this with all respect. You’re good people, your achievements have been great feats of accomplishment, and I consider you both friends from those times where we’ve worked together. But I’m going to have to spill the beans on this one. You’ll understand.
The following is what happens when you turn eighteen, go to college, and not give a shit anymore.
It is my belief, along with the opinions of several of my fellow former coworkers, not limited to the following two mentioned at the bottom of this section, that Swag, Antonio, and company are simply not fit for a position within High Command. Provided that unless they show signs of considerable improvement, I consider it a dangerous precedent were either Swag or Antonio to be appointed Acting Chief to hold onto the Department, while the Government searches for a new Chief.
The reasoning behind this is simple.

The Fire Department is in a crisis of employment.

It’s not uncommon knowledge that the SCFD has run into hard times. Numerous reforms, several attempts at restarting, reforming, and reformatting the Department, its staff, and necessary internal documentation has not yielded any results.
Because of this, changes have had to be made throughout the previous two years in staffing and command. These include SwagGermanTigerTank and AntonioVernaceMD. It is my belief that these two are simply incapable of holding positions higher than their current ones, or maybe positions perhaps lower than their current ones.
We have wasted good men and women over the years, and have been left with the fish at the bottom of the barrel. The number of people suitable for these positions have either retired, or have returned and are still generally unrecognized. The remainder of the department residing within command ranks is too inexperienced to be appointed to higher positions, and unless the Department is able to adapt quickly, it is possible that the entire system may collapse without proper, organized reinforcement. Again.
Promoting either and allowing them to enact policies freely to “save” the Department would set a dangerous future precedent for the operations of the Department. They do not have neither the maturity, nor the necessary developed qualities in order to ensure the preservation of the SCFD. Were I to go into detail, I would require further documentation that I simply don’t have at my disposal anymore, or I would further sour relations that may have already been weakened as a result of this proclamation.

I would also like to take this moment to question if there is such thing as a Freedom Of Information Act within Firestone.
If not, please write a bill. Thanks.

Instead, a handful of the former members of the SCFD, including myself, have offered to rejoin the Fire Department in a singular act to preserve it.
@CaptainClyde, @Willie_Grey, and I have each proposed, in one way or another, our return to Firestone in order to begin the recovery of the Fire Department, and to allow it to heal and flourish again, and hopefully get further shit done than previous administrations.

Once more, this is nothing personally against Swag and Antonio. Both are excellent people, excellent coworkers, and people I’ve gotten to know over my service with the Fire Department. Yet, my opinion is simply this: The preservation of the SCFD is dependent on not allowing any immaturity or flawed directives to alter the Department’s operations.

Right, that’s the SCFD drama hopefully wrapped up.

PART III: Return to Firestone


As is the case with this (below) forum post, I’m testing the waters for my return to Firestone.
Explain to me why.
Yes, I understand that Firestone is absolute shit. Yes, I know the community is brutally toxic and dramatic, I’ve literally been in the department with the most internal toxicity and drama between every single person there.

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh. yeah, he’s right.

However, this isn’t entirely off the table. I’m going to be jinxing myself by saying this, but as of right now, I feel that I will be available for a potential return to Firestone, especially given my renewed interest in government, politics, and public service.
College does weird mature adult shit to you. Please send help.

I’ve been doing roleplay stuff in After The Flash with the USCPF group, a post nuclear apocalyptic merger of the United States military branches in order to preserve the United States after World War III.
The reason I’m mentioning that is my potential foray into the Firestone National Guard, perhaps as a Military Police Officer, which I really don’t want to do extra work for in order to get myself a POST certification when I already know that I already know everything in their god damn curriculum.
National Guard, check.

Additionally, I’ve been looking further into taking the BAR exam, and becoming a certified attorney within the Department of Justice. That’s completely self explanatory. You can thank everybody from the Courts and DOJ bugging me on my original post to join the Chinese American club within the Courts.
Were I to join, you should expect HOT FIYA and FAX AND RAZONING being spit from the courtroom.
Credit to my high school US History/ Gov/ Econ/ Criminal Justice teacher for getting me those


And, were I to potentially succeed in either of these hypothetical adventures, I would possibly seek a position within the very, very fucked up political world of Firestone, either as a Representative in the House, or a Senator in the Senate.

As a member within either the justice system or politics (or perhaps both), I would work for not only the interest of the People, but I would make representation within the emergency services, including the Fire Department, more known and expressive.

That was my declaration for me running for Governor. Please write me in.
no i’m just kidding. if you do, i do not offer personal consent.

This leaves us with the following possibilities for discussion.

  • SCFD, but it’s about the people leaving
  • SCFD, but it’s about the drama
  • the government sucks because thallius is power hungry
  • the government doesn’t suck because thallius did his job correctly
  • jeff don’t rejoin firestone sucks
  • jeff you should rejoin we need you to make firestone not suck
  • star wars references that only cultured prequelmemers will understand
  • DOJ court propaganda
  • FNG propaganda
  • HOR/ Senate propaganda
  • SCFD propaganda

If I do choose to rejoin, one of these days, I’m going to look back upon this forum post and absolutely regret writing it.
Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get this homework done.
Please discuss freely.
Class dismissed.


god i dont have much hope for this next generation

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Thank you Jeffrevin, very cool!


can I get a tl;dr version.


When the HICOMM be normal for once

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You know I’m not the AG anymore, right?


I’m Thallius’s alt and I fucked over the county for a 3rd time :sunglasses:
Yall will never get away from the wrath of Patchy319!

On the note of propaganda, memes are heavily used to sway people’s views using humor. Works well!

I agree with this statement. Firestone is becoming full of people who are on the left side of politics, which is disappointing. We need more republicans and nazis, otherwise we will all fall to the grasp of communists!

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just saying from an scfd perspective after you run the same call 200 times it makes you want to quit


why does this state revolve around politics nowadays


Explain please my good sir

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mister jef with two Fs. firstly thank you again for a long read that took me 6 minutes (and 18 seconds) to read.

why am i timing my read times on these posts wtf pug

its my belief that at this point, SCFD is just fight fire, somehow manage to bring back person from dead repeated infinite times.

tbh i think the private, mind you humor is great in private channels for employees. gives you some humor in a repeating job. public ahem “n-wording” is bad tho, because of course image.

ROBLOX as a whole is just filled with kids and most won’t want to take up the time of their day “learning” all this ““medical”” mumbojumbo. see: Bacon Hair Effect (coming soon to a forum near you)

so basically, scfd needs new like development elements in my mind. THAT’S why I think it’s failing. kthnxbi.

also @anon89270917

im independent myself but uhh…

ok thats all, love u jef with two Fs


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