An apology to the people

Citizens of the State of Firestone, and my former friends of the State of Firestone,

I wish to apologize for my actions, which occurred in February. Those of you who know me, know what I did.

After acting foolish in the National Guard discord, I was facing being terminated from my position. I was also very upset at a recent decision made by the command of the National Guard (I can’t remember the decision), so I took my anger out on going “rogue” in the city.

Most people, when going rogue, arrest as much as people, or attempt to cause as much as havoc as possible. I, however, wanted to go out peacefully, so the only thing I did was walk around on the National Guard team. Thus, many search parties were sent out, and I was eventually caught. Afterwards, I was banned.

I would like to formally apologize to those who were close to me in the National Guard and the government, as I let you all down. This is a long overdue apology, and I wish I am able to receive your forgiveness.

The people who I owe the biggest apology to:
Major General Timshep07
Brigadier General SolarStrife
Former Major General SurrealReality
Lieutenant Colonel Techiey
Former Governor OfficerVideoGame
Former Attorney General MrShibe
Lieutenant Colonel Ftlicious
Lieutenant Colonel Straphos
Lieutenant Colonel Antador
Colonel Epilix
All of the men of the 3rd Infantry Battalion

I will write personal apologies to all on the list very soon. I apologize if I missed anyone who thought they deserved an apology.

I would like to let you all know, that I have been unbanned, and am trying to have my record expunged, so that hopefully I may re-earn the trust of the Firestone National Guard command, and rejoin. I believe I am a better leader and person than before.

Thank you,


Idk wut u talking about but

Forgiven :slight_smile:

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Hopefully you are forgiven by the Firestone National Guard.


If they don’t forgive him I’m declaring a shitpost war

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Let’s not lmao

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Idk who you are and idgaf who you are but I forgive you. Everyone deserves a second chance right? :slightly_smiling_face:


Uhh Idek who u are but ok you can apologise

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gl pal (one favourite = one more chance to thr failed people in Firestone)

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