An Amendment to Fix Evidence

An Amendment to Fix Evidence Laws

Chief Sponsor(s): Senator PropMcRib

Co Sponsor: Senator Mega_Goalie16

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the State of Firestone in Congress assembled,

§1. Title

(a) This act shall be known, and may be cited as, “An Amendment to Fix Evidence Laws

§2. Enactment

(a) This Bill shall go into effect as an Act of Congress upon completing the processes constitutionally required.

§3. Severability

(a) Should any part of this Act be struck down and/or declared unenforceable, then that part shall be severed with the rest remaining in full force and effect unless all is struck down and/or declared unenforceable.

§4. Enforcement

(a) This Act shall be enforced by any relevant parties.

§5. Amendments

(a) Chapter 6, Section 5(c) of the Firestone Criminal Code currently states:

“If a law enforcement officer is performing or preparing for a forensic analysis of dropped money, it shall be illegal to collect that money. The delinquent shall have committed obstruction of justice, not destroying evidence under this section.”

(b) Chapter 6, Section 5(c) of the Firestone Criminal Code shall be amended to state:

“Subjects shall be presumed to have knowledge that evidence is part of an investigation if it is clearly marked off or restricted by law enforcement.”

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