An Amendment to Ease Judicial Procedures


Section I: Section XVII shall be added to Article III of the State Constitution.

Section II: C.III.XVII shall state: “The judiciary shall be responsible for creating and maintaining rules of procedure for the essential functions of the courts. These rules shall be public and categorized into: Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Appellate Procedure, Rules of Special Procedure (in regards to matters of original jurisdiction in the Supreme Court), Rules of Evidence, Rules of Expungement Procedure, and other such rules not set forth in this section that may be necessary to judicial function; these established rules shall be binding. Judges of all state circuits shall be empowered to propose amendments to the rules of procedure, upon which the amendments shall be debated among the judges and justices. They shall then vote on adaptation, and should a majority of the judges and justices agree, the proposal shall then go (in entirety) to a three day public commentary stage in which all citizens may voice their opinions on the changes. Should any changes to the proposal be made thereafter, the time will not reset but the changes must be clearly noted. Upon the conclusion of the public commentary window, the proposal(s) shall be finalized and be put to a referendum of all bar certified attorneys (excluding judges who also happen to be attorneys) to last 48 hours; a majority of the voting attorneys in favor at the conclusion of the referendum shall constitute passage of the proposal(s), upon which they shall enter into effect. The Chief Court Justice will be responsible for the running of the commentary and referendum periods. No procedural rule shall conflict with the Constitution or any State statute.”

Section III: Any current procedural rule sets created and entered into effect prior to the passage of this amendment shall remain valid upon its passage, though the judiciary shall be free upon passage to do with such rules as they wish pursuant to this amendment.

Section IV: This amendment shall be enforced by the Courts.

Section V: This amendment shall go into effect immediately upon passing the Constitutionally required processes to do so.

Chief Sponsor:
idot_dannyboy, Senator

Hecxtro, President Pro Tempore
1superchris2, esq.
Pand_aaa, Senator
CongressionalDefend, Senator


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