An Amendment to Create Article VII – Establishment of the Local Governments

An Amendment to Create Article VII – Establishment of the Local Governments.

Section I: An article shall be created in the constitution, Article VII (7), shall be called “Local Governments”.

Section II: Section I of this article shall state
“SECTION I: Local Governments shall be recognized as Stapleton County Government, Redwood City Government, District of Prominence City Government, Arborfield City Government, the county government shall serve as the highest government above all city governments.”

Section III: Section II of this article shall state;
“SECTION II: The County Executive shall serve a term of 4 months, and a maximum of 2 terms. City Mayors shall serve a term of 4 months. City Councils, for Prominence District Council, shall serve a term of 4 months.”

Section IV: Section III of this article shall state;
“SECTION III: The County Executive, The City Mayors, shall have the authority to create and issue Executive Orders for their respective government. The County Executive’s Executive Orders shall overrule the City’s Executive Order is issued. The County Executive and City Mayors may issue executive orders, or City (District) Councils pass legislation and signed into law, to the Firestone State Patrol, and the Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office on how and should enforce laws within their jurisdiction. The Firestone State Patrol and Stapleton County Sheriff’s office shall enforce all laws in each government. The City (District) and County Councils shall have the authority to nullify any executive order, within their jurisdiction, with a 2/3 supermajority, The county council shall have the authority to nullify any municipal executive orders with a ⅔ super majority. No local government shall ever violate any state laws. ”

Section V: Section IV of this article shall state;
“Section IV: Local Governments shall have the authority to establish their own charters. The county charter shall be the highest governing document in local governments. City Mayors, Municipal (District) Councils shall only have authorities in their own jurisdiction only. No government shall succeed from the County and/or State for any reason and shall be considered as Treason.”

Section Va: Treason shall be defined as; Going against the State of Firestone / Stapleton County.

Section VI: C.IV.I Shall now state:
“SECTION I: The Governor, The County Executive and City Mayors shall have the power to declare a State of Emergency during a time of civil unrest, riots, terror attacks, or for any other valid reason justified by the person, so can the governor, county executive, and city mayors can remove a State of Emergency, at all. State of Emergencies for city mayors may only have a time limit maximum of 4 weeks, for their jurisdiction. State of Emergencies issued by the County Executive shall have a time limit maximum of 5 weeks.”

Section VII: C.IV.II shall now state:
“Section II: Should a State of Emergency be declared, It shall be at the full discretion of the Governor, County Executive, City Mayors, for their own jurisdiction, whether or not non-essential services are suspended. The definition of Non-essential services being left to the discretion of the Governor; So shall the governor, County Executive and City Mayors have the ability to exercise full discretion over how law enforcement, governmental agencies, and for the governor only The National Guard, and entities are to county the given emergency.”

Section VIII: C.VI.IV shall not state:
“Section IV: The Firestone State Patrol, Sheriff Departments and other law enforcement agencies and entities shall have the respective authority over law enforcement in their jurisdiction; This may be further set or regulated by congress; or by the governor; or County Executive; or City Mayors for their jurisdiction; though the appropriate means to do so."

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