An Amendment to Add Warning Shots to the Uniformed Control of Firearms Act

An Amendment to Add Warning Shots to the Uniformed Control of Firearms Act


SECTION 1A. The Uniformed Control of Firearms Act shall be amended.

SECTION 1B. The Uniformed Control of Firearms Act shall be defined as: The Uniformed Control of Firearms Act

SECTION 2A. Section Four-a shall be added to the Uniformed Control of Firearms Act.

SECTION 2B. Section Four-a of the Uniformed Control of Firearms Act shall state:
Warning shots shall be defined as a gunshot not aimed at a living object with the purpose to warn or deter potential threats. Warning shots may only be used by the Firestone National Guard. Warning shots are allowed to be used by the National Guard to warn a potential threat advancing on the National Guard from a distance when a verbal warning can not heard to inform the threat to backup or force may be used, or when a verbal warning has already been issued and has not been complied with. Warning shots shall be sent a minimum of 15 studs away from a subject in order to prevent the possibility of a round accidentally hitting an individual. The area around the threat must be clear from non-potentially threatening civilians to prevent crossfire. If the area is not clear, the guardsman shall not be allowed to fire. Warning shots do not fall under Negligent Use of a Firearm.

SECTION 3. This legislation shall go into effect immediately upon passing through the legislative process and being signed into law by the Governor.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor:
Senator FightingTheFlames

Major General Hobo_Bear
Colonel WarriorMasterKiller
Lieutenant Colonel Crazzydan
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