An Act to Revitalize Judicial Ethics

An Act to Revitalize Judicial Ethics


Section 1: A Bill to Illegalize the Violation of Judicial Ethics shall be defined as: A Bill to Illegalize the Violation of Judicial Ethics

Section 2: A Bill to Illegalize the Violation of Judicial Ethics shall be declared null and void.

Section 3: Judges and justices of all state circuits (described as judicial officers herein) shall be bound to a superior code of ethics due to their position of immense power over others and the nature of their duties.

Section 4: The regulations set forth in this act from sections five to ten shall be generally referred to as the Code of Judicial Ethics. A violation of any one of these regulations is grounds for impeachment under failure to properly perform the duties of office pursuant to C.III.X.

Section 5: No judicial officer may intentionally take any course of action, while in office, that would cause the obstruction of their duties such as causing unnecessary recusals (to be defined as recusals resulting from an open show of bias, favor, the acceptance of favors, etc.), committing criminal offenses, or other violations of this act. Activity leave and other lawful functions prescribed by law shall not be applicable under this section.

Section 6: Judicial officers shall abide by the recusal regulations set forth in any and all procedural rules for the judicial system.

Section 7: While free speech is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, judicial officers shall take due care to show a fair level of respect to all officers of the court and the public.

Section 7A: For the purposes of this act officers of the court shall be defined as: judges, attorneys, jurors, and court security.

Section 8: Judicial officers shall be dedicated to the fair and equal administration of the law.

Section 9: Judicial officers shall be prohibited from running for any elected office while still holding their position as a judicial official.

Section 10: Judicial officers shall not use their office or capacity as a judicial officer for personal gain.

Section 11: This act shall go into effect immediately upon passing both houses of Congress and being signed into law by the Governor (or via veto override).

Section 12: This act shall be enforced by the Congress.

Chief Sponsor:

DannyboyLaw, esq. Representative


MisterGermanAidan, Senator

UnDeveloped_Code, Senator

Stamose, Senator

Uncircuit, esq. Representative

SerZhukov, Representative

The Honorable Skye_Jones, esq. Chief Court Justice

1superchris2, esq. Attorney General

Sharkfish82, Governor

Joshernaut, Speaker of the House

Icebreaker768, esq. Public Defender

Augustus_McCrae, Senator

Clonemep, Senator

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