An Act to Prevent Malfeasance


Section I: Section 15 shall be created in Chapter 4 of the Criminal Code.

Section II: Chapter Four, Section 15 of the Criminal Code shall be titled: “§15 - Misconduct”

Section III: Chapter Four, Section 15 of the Criminal Code shall state:
"(a) The act of Misconduct shall be a criminal offense in the State of Firestone

(a1) Misconduct shall be defined as “Any government officer who intentionally incorrectly or unlawfully abuses their office in a manner that endangers the life or freedom (as guaranteed by statute or the Constitution/BOR) of another.”

(b) For the purposes of this offense, a “government officer” shall be any individual who is elected, appointed, or otherwise employed by the government at any level."

Section IV: §15 - Misconduct shall be a Class C felony and be a “Courts Only” offense.

Section V: The Department of Justice shall be responsible for enforcing this act.

Section VI: This act shall go into immediate effect upon passing the Constitutionally required processes to do so.

Chief Sponsor:
idot_dannyboy, Senator

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