An Act to Establish Business Fraud

PREAMBLE: To create a charge for the criminal code to criminalize the act of commiting business fraud.


SECTION I: Chapter 4, Section 15 shall be amended into the Firestone Criminal Code.

SECTION II: The Firestone Criminal Code shall be defined as the following:

SECTION III: Chapter 4, Section 15 shall be named: “§15 - Business Fraud ”

SECTION IV: Chapter 4, Section 15 shall state the following:

(a) The act of committing business fraud shall be recognized as an unlawful criminal offense within the State of Firestone.

(a1) The act of impersonation shall be the act of establishing oneself as something that the person is not, in a blatantly negligent or malicious manner.

(a2) Persons may also be subject to subsection a if they create or distribute any material under the name or entity of a person or organization that the person does not belong to, or otherwise have the legal authority to represent the subject in such material, with the intent of spreading potentially harmful falsehoods.

(b) The act of committing business fraud shall be the act of impersonating an employee of any Firestone business licensed by the Department of Commerce.

© Licensed Commerce businesses shall be listed in this Trello:

SECTION V: Chapter 4, Section 15 shall be classed as a Class A Misdemeanor and shall result in $500 citation for the first offense and a 300-500 second jail time for the second offense.

SECTION VI: This shall go into effect immediately upon completion of the constitutional process.

Chief Sponsor:

Representative Francisco_Mango


Senator Pand_aaa

Senator CoolPilotCaio1

The Honourable Representative ElliottLMz, Esq.

Honourable Representative Ash1835

The Honorable Representative Brentvx

Representative GeneralCount

Commerce Secretary Aptable

Commerce Public Affairs Deputy Director & Business Owner TheGreenLego_Brick

Submitted on Behalf of Rep. Francisco_Mango

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