Amendment to C.I.V

An Amendment to C.I.V


Section I: The Firestone Constitution shall be amended.

Section II: Section V, Article I of the Firestone Constitution shall now read: “Proposals (bills, amendments, resolutions) may only be presented if sponsored by a member of their respective chamber within the State of Firestone House of Representatives or Senate. The proposal shall take part within the chamber the said sponsoring member is apart in. Members part of the House of Representatives and Senate may put forward resolutions to determine the procedures on how each proposal (bill, amendment, or resolution) will be processed and presented for their respective chamber. Both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor shall be able to sponsor a proposal and to decide which chamber the proposal shall start in. The Governor shall not be authorized to propose an expulsion on a member within the Firestone House of Representatives nor the Senate. The Lieutenant Governor shall not be authorized to propose an expulsion on a member within the House of Representatives but may propose one on a member within the Senate. The Governor shall not be able to propose a resolution within the Firestone House of Representative nor the Senate unless deemed plausible by the Lieutenant Governor or Speaker of the House for their respective chamber.”

Section III: This amendment shall go into effect immediately upon passing both chambers of congress.

Section IV: All laws in conflict with this amendment are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,


Speaker. Virginian_State

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