Aidan01024 For Arborfield City Council

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Aidan01024 For Arborfield City Council

Table of Contents
II. Why I’m Running
III. My Plans
IV. My Qualities
V. Conclusion

I. Preface
I’m Aidan01024, and I am proudly running for Arborfield City Council. I believe in equality for all citizens of Firestone, and will secure rights for all citizens of Arborfield. I’m big on things like human rights, free speech, and justice for all. If elected, I will not only strive to protect every citizen’s rights, but I will also ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, no matter who they are. Arborfield needs someone who can actively and effectively execute the duties of the City Council, and you can trust me to do just that.

II. Why I’m running
Arborfield needs someone who can represent them respectfully and peacefully, and I want to ensure that is exactly what happens within the City Council. I am simply running because I truly care about the people and workers of Arborfield, and I wish to ensure that every citizen has their voice heard, and also that every citizen is treated equally and respectfully by the City Council. I wish to use this as an opportunity to gain experience and meet new people, so I will have a great knowledge of how things work in Firestone so I can ensure these things happen at a higher level, such as the state.

III My Plans
Here are some things I plan to do and accomplish if elected to the City Council;

-Actively be involved with sessions and writing legislation
-Ensure that citizens are treated equally and respectfully
-Ensure every citizen has their voice heard and amplified
-Protect workers freedoms and rights
-Support law enforcement within the city

IV. My Qualities
A few things that you should know about me is that I am an honest, intelligent, kind, and lawful citizen of Firestone. I also preach the fact that I am bisexual, meaning I can proudly and efficiently secure rights and defend LGBT Arborfield citizens. I have been active on Roblox since 2017, and on Firestone since mid-2019, however, this will be my first position in a public office.

V. Conclusion
This will hopefully be a great experience for not only me but also the public if elected. I can guarantee, I will strive to protect you and your businesses as if elected into the City Council. If you would like to support my campaign, please do so! I am open to any questions, you can contact me at salty ツ#6544 on discord, my DM’s are always open.



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