AheadThebestguy for Redwood City Council

I’m AheadThebestguy, and most of you probably don’t know me but I have been apart of this community for almost 3 years now. I was active for about 6 months at the beginning of my time in Firestone then was off and on throughout the rest of the time. I’ve been looking to get back into the groove of things and start my career back up. I have not been part of any government positions over the years but I have been in many positions sharpening my skills needed for performing well in a government position.

Such as:

  • Public Affairs Manager for Stapleton Power

  • Public Affairs Member for many different businesses such as SPG, Hot Bloxton and other businesses and groups not part of Firestone

  • Senator for a United States group

If I am elected for City Council I will work with current and other new members to help make Redwood better and listen to the citizens suggestions.

If you would like to pledge your support for my campaign reply, “Support”

Thank you for supporting Redwood!



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Which one?

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I recall the wide appeal of twit when he first ran for office. I think there is always the appeal to give the not so well known energetic upstart a chance and twit and many others like you unseated or beated “older” more “established candidates”.

But unfortunately once they got into office they get marginalized and thus fall in line with the status quo, become empty vessels and get nil little done sometimes despite their own efforts

Your lack of meaningful work experience could be a bar to any office. That said, it’s probably time for you to start seek work. Do some research into departments that interest you. See if you meet their basic requirements. If so, start applying. Don’t limit yourself to one department. If you are applying to a law enforcement agency, it will probably not be as bad a problem as has been suggested because most require no prior experience.

But not everyone that applies gets hired—People with background issues, people with prior criminal records, people who can’t fill out an application well, people who give up after their “thanks but no thanks” application goes to the shredders. Those people don’t get hired. The ones that work hard in their current job, have reasonable intelligence and social skills; they tend to find work.

Likewise, NG is a plus as well. NG experience always factors well into hiring.

As far as other things you can do to significantly improve your chances in getting into office message me.

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@moderators Close please. Election ended a while ago.

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also just curious how does working for some random company make you qualified for political office lol

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