Addressing Criminal Toxicity

Good evening, all. As the title says, I just wanted to take a moment with you all and discuss the toxicity that is existent in the Firestone community. From a personal standpoint, the criminal community is extremely toxic here at Firestone, and that needs to be put to a stop. On the flip side, I was heavily involved in the toxicity for a while in the Firestone community but I have found a way to escape the “norm” in the criminal community.

I will begin by explaining some scenarios police officers may experience.

LEOs, I’m sure going on - duty is quite a pain sometimes with criminals. On a personal count I have observed how some criminals react when they’re caught. I cannot exactly provide those exact words here as it would probably be flagged, however let’s just say that it is not appropriate by any means. The derogatory terms that are instated on several counts while in cuffs are uncalled for and rather unnecessary, because let’s remember, it’s a game at the end of the day. There is no need to get as angered as they usually get. To those who disagree, congratulations, you’re an utter fool. I have yet to see one person disagree with me on the criminal toxicity that is in place here in the county. This is to inform those who are constant players of the community and have experienced in themselves, it’s not something I can pull out necessarily with “proof” so-called. It’s just something that’s THERE.

Threats. They will threaten everyone thats get in their way (ex. killing the criminal in-game, arresting them, wtva) out of anger and they will attack you right then and there if needed.

From what I’ve seen, these people make the game often times awful to play and it’s really sad to see people quitting over the toxic community. I do not know how this forum post is going to do with the community and how the responses will be, however I come to you with a question:


It’s a one-word question that I hope will register.

Please leave sensible comments and concerns in the comments, think before sending, thank you for the discussion and have a safe, relaxing rest of your summer. I have shortened this forum quite a lot for discussion purposes, and simply because I will get called out for it if I do mention specifics. I am supporting law enforcement as they typically see this more clear than anyone else.


Firestone criminals are NOT the problem some may be but we are triggered by the current police that PISSES us off and the way were treated and the toxic cops .

I understand, but that is not the point. I am not talking about roleplay, I am advocating for the individuals (LEOs) who have to deal with assholes on duty. Excuse my language but as I said, it’s a game. Calm down.


Both parties are currently toxic.

The community managed to push away the non-toxic RP criminals. People who are currently mostly in v2 are either trying to find the fun shit to do in Firestone.

There are a lot of LEOs who are actually peaceful on their work even when they get pissed off like Toboo_Racc who tries his best to be a good sheriff. Although you got other members in the community who think their job isn’t only to catch criminals but to get them out of the state in general and push them out of the community. It’s a problem within the whole community itself with how the government is shaped and how people are treating others.

it is what it is


The thing that sucks is that criminals only have limited resources meaning they can’t always have a gun and do bank robberies. While they wait they just act like complete noobs. Am I saying this is a good thing? No. I am just saying this is what happens when there isn’t as much dev support for organized crime and criminals compared to LEO’s. I have suggested it many times that Fedora needs to create a criminal group and support it with development support. This would allow for more complex roleplay and give criminals more things to do. Until then, this is what you are stuck with.


Honestly I believe it’s just because of the lack of roleplay in some situations and the unfair gameplay balance LEO’s have over criminals.
As @Clonemep stated, criminals suffer from a huge lack of resources. LEO’s spawn with cuffs , a taser, weaponry, and more, but criminals have to spend thousands of fs dollars everytime they want to do crime. Crime in this game always and sorta can only involve weapons, you can’t really GTA, or rob people, you can only shoot people, take people hostage, and rob buildings. I’ve stated this before, it’s just a rinse and repeat. Buy a gun, rob a bank and kill people, spend 15 minutes in prison, repeat.

Unfortunately this just leads to boredom, and thats most likely why some criminals are toxic. They have hardly anything to do here, hardly any development support, the fact LEO’s are literally invincible roleplay wise, and that’s how it’s going to be.


The thing that makes criminals bored and makes them mad is like what you said resources. A Average day for me and my friends is robbing cause were always so broke on money since so many factors against us. Cops, Bank Robbing Money Limit of only 49k + 20% is taken during conversion plus splitting, expensive guns and drills knifes etc when we have spent our cash were bored and tired of doing jail time so we mess around.

As I write this, It is to my understanding that there’s a $10,000 bounty on my head by the Poop Gang.

And yet, they are still confused why I max out citations at every available opportunity???


may i perhaps shoot you to receive this sum of money

yeah fuck cuxle am i right

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I know your name, and you are one of the most toxic criminals out there, you do not deserve to say anything regarding this matter.

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HI, I’m calliou and im nice.

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I no longer have motivation to play V2 because of all the toxicity from criminals in there. Let me bring you my last patrol as an example.

I went to CD to deal with another protest which was there for absolutely no reason other than annoy LEOs. While dealing with a protest there were people who

  1. Purposefully were walking right into my face with protest signs, I gave them 3 warnings to back up and used pepper spray, they still didn’t listen.
  2. Purposefully repeatedly driving to the intersection and honking to provoke me, even after I gave them like 5 fucking warnings. Every time they came out of prison they did the same again and again.
  3. Just abandoned their cars on the road at the intersection and refusing to move them.
  4. Shitton of people told me I am an FRPer, cuff rusher and I will be sued and reported for no absolute reason.

After I dealt with the protest I went into a pursuit, stopped it, and when I was about to arrest the suspect I got flinged into space by an exploiter. After that I just closed the game.

And this is just one patrol. Only one. Each patrol brings even more annoying shit that I have to deal with. Why do I deserve this? Am I toxic? No I don’t think so, I am usually kind to people unless they piss me off, Cyra can confirm that. Why?



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i mean idc if u rob banks and do ur shit. but don’t be dicks and let the officers do their traffic stops, med scenes, etc without being shot at

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I don’t care what you are doing. I care how you are doing it. One thing is getting arrested during a bank robbery after standing in the open, and then accepting that it was your fault. Another thing is getting arrested for a bank robbery after standing in the open, then screaming “RUSHING A BANK IS FRP, GET ME YOUR SUPERVISOR RIGHT NOW, NAME AND BADGE, GET FIRED BITCH” You are the second type.


WHY THE hell would i ever rob a bank standing in the open also I have the recording from that situation which shows the SWAT FRPed and he even gave me extra time to run to PROVE IT

first of all, i just want to apologise. that is beyond ridiculous and i understand where you’re coming from. i personally have dealt with the toxic criminals one-on-one and it fucking sucks.

one thing, though, i think as a whole we gotta actually keep out the toxic people. if we do, the game is gonna get a fuck ton better