Add Voicechat to V2

Title speaks for itself, if games like ERLC and other games that are 100x the size of Firestone can have VC, it can make roleplay and stuff better… if people violate rules just ban them.


takes 1 button to install it @devs

According to Fed, it’s already enabled. It just doesn’t support servers that are over 50 players (to my knowledge). Whenever Roblox decides to update, v2 will automatically update to include voice chat.

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not happening

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why is this not happening? just moderate it…

word from the bottom is that voicechat will support 100 member servers by the end of the year

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700 player servers soon

Do they not have voice chat in colorado?


Funny response lol. But the main reason is because the server size would have to shrink as voice chat can only work on 40 player servers

It is a development decision. We once considered it, but there’s no point, as the feature has no benefits to the game.

no they dont

yes it is?

we already have discord for voice chats, adding it into v2 won’t really bring about any benefits

No, it will ruin rp’s

try using sc-contact 1 for sits, it will give u the chance to experience (and prob regret) the idea. ik from experience. ive done over 5 vc hostage sits

VC is added in V2, roblox just doesn’t support the server size for it.