Add Referendums for Constitutional Amendments

Hey, I was wanting to do a poll regarding constitutional amendments. Currently our system is setup where Congress only has to confirm an amendment with 2/3rds vote in both chambers and that’s it.

I’m proposing the idea of adding an additional requirement where a referendum is also required before an amendment can go into effect. This would add a new check onto Congress to ensure legislation isn’t passed that only benefits Congress and may hurt other entities. Like I stated before, Congress only needs 2/3rds vote in each chamber with no oversight anywhere else (besides like fed but ignore that for now).

Do you think this should be implemented?

  • Add a Referendum Requirement for Constitutional Amendments
  • Keep it how it is

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Completely agree, there is little downside in involving citizens in the process. Only worry is that people take advantage of their influence to get citizens to vote one way or another. There is a difference between a discord poll and a forums poll (discord would reach more people but also encourage less serious votes, while forums would reach less people but more serious results).

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most factually incorrect statement ever said, some people are complete dunces


We have a bicameral legislature, so no…a referendum really isn’t necessary.

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not needed

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there are both pros and cons to this system. pros could be that the people get more say in our government which is fundametally a good thing.

however, the con to this system is that people grt more say in our government

people will purposefully troll shit

people will purposefully do things that inhibit the job of congress

we’re faced with a dilema: let the people get a say and (possibly) make congress unable to efficiently complete their job


keep it the same, with limited checks and balances

personally, I’d make a variation to this system. possibly referendums for certain “keystone” parts to the constitution and BOR

regardless, true democracy will never be a thing regardless of what we do

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cough cough literally half of states with a bicameral legislature and amendment referendums COUGH COUGH

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Presumably any referendums would have to be hosted on firestone forums to be considered “official”? Wouldn’t that exclude a lot of people? I know most elections take place on forums too but it is what it is. Would the referendum come before or after congress vote on the amendment? Would it need to be an actually proposed amendment or can the referendum just be like “who thinks we should abolish free speech”


a lot of the world is bicameral but has referendums

i wonder what government system you live in my guy, a ton of bicameral legislatures do have constitutional referendums lol

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I am aware…I’m just saying that here in Firestone, it isn’t needed.

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why isnt it needed? you said it isnt needed due to our bicameral legislature. which isn’t much of a valid reason.

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because there is a process and that process for putting constitutional amendments into effect works perfectly fine now. there’s no reason to change the way its been forever now since there has been no issues.

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nothing wrong with changing things that are fine if they have little negative effect. this will make nothing progressively worse and it just seems you’re against the people having their own say in their government

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