Add gas leaks and power outages in V3


From what I can see right now companies like CGF and SPG are purely RP. It would be pretty cool if in V3 there could be power outages and gas leaks that could be responded to and rectified with in game tools of some kind. For gas leaks, it might be a bit of a stretch to script them to ignite/explode if not dealt with after a while but it would be a cool thing for CGF and SCFD to deal with together, we did an RP gas explosion in Arborfield Residence a while back that got a lot of people involved. Electrical fires would also be a cool feature if possible. As CGF/SPG employees can’t use the 911 system, maybe some kind of alarm system and/or GUI could be added at CGF and SPG that show when a gas leak or power outage is detected.

TL;DR For V3 introduce gas leaks and power outages/faults and maybe introduce consequences for not dealing with them appropriately/quickly


With the new lighting system, environments without light are extremely dark (for example, nighttime), which could allow for more gameplay options and RP scenarios.

So say for example if you were to rob a bank at night, have people at the bank then have someone on standby ready to cut power to that area (Disable a power box nearby for example), so when they are going to escape, cut the lights so things that give off ambient light (like businesses, streetlamps and traffic lights), so criminals can escape in the darkness of night!


make the character have to go to scmc to get treated/checked after too such as if they get burned or are exposed

Since they’d lose health on the fire then ye, up to them to rp medical things otherwise

Phones exist

If I recall, envelope said he wanted to do this for the Promience Bank and doing that would cut the entire power to Prominence

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on the topic of utilities burst water mains would be a cool thing for dpw and/or dot to deal with. flooded roads could be cleared by dot so dpw can repair the pipe. idk just a random thought not making a new thread for it

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Let’s add a twist, if a gas leak explodes, anyone nearby the impact will be thrown a bit in ragdoll form and either killing them or reducing health significantly as a result. Any nearby vehicles would also explode. This would show how bad gas leaks should be prioritized

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businesses and emergency services are different, the former do not require radios

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