About departments "rping"

alright, lets see, all of the departments don’t have every single tool so they rp it.

for me its a bit stupid, why don’t they take some time making proper tools and use them in SC?

it makes it look more real instead of “places a few sheets of gauze” i understand they can’t make ALL of the tools, but atleast make some that are used in everyday life as a LEO, like medkits that can heal health, etc.

this won’t happen because the devs are lazy, why can’t they finish everything else THEN work on it.

tell me what u think


Maybe tools could be in the back of a car trunks for officers. For example, roadcones, spike strips, or medkits.

That would be alright I guess…

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yeah, like they go to the truck, use a key on the keyboard to open it, and it opens a selection of tools to pick from, example “z” opens the trunk, you see shotgun, medkit, batons, you click one and you get the tool, you use it, come back to the trunk, and put it back in the trunk, to save up some space.

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Had the trunk idea as well for traffic vests, cones, flares, etc. But I partially agree with this. (Not wth the part that says devs r lazy, they r lowkey lit)

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they’re sometimes are

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having stuff in the trunk would be nice.

cluttered up inventory you have to resort everytime you die, rejoin, or reset gets annoying