Ability to skip the loading screen

The loading screen prevents playing the game for up to a few minutes.

It’d be great if there was a Skip Loading button. This would be especially helpful if you just need to access the database, etc.


100% support, been wanting this as a feature for years.


To my knowledge, the loading screen was added as a necessary feature to ensure all assets and data were grabbed appropriately. I’m not sure whether or not this is still the case or if it’s just a welcome screen with a set timer now. Either way, it’s really less than a minute long so I don’t see how skipping one minute worth of loading is so important.

I believe that it is preloading assets, or waiting for the ‘asset queue’ to be 0. However, there are times where you may want to skip preloading (as I noted in the OP).

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or can we make the database accessible without going into v2


or just make the database a separate game

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this is excactly what its doing is loading all the assetts so you can access the database, so while I think its a good idea the game loads critical assets behind this screen

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impossible needs to be in the same universe


I support this as a game mod, I have to wait 3 minutes to fully load in

Like murph said, needs to be in the same universe for the arrest system to communicate from in game to the database.

loading screen waits for assets but not the main game.
sauce: dat dev knowledge™ (assets load only if you are actively focused on the window-sort of deal)

yes but it’s not a required process; a skip button would be favourable in a few cases

The onyl thing the loading screen does is,

  • load images and audios
  • and waits for your client to load all other game assets on your own

it only preloads images and audios, so,
if your computer is fast then it will load the game fast and you will be out of hte loading screen in less than 20 seconds


my computer would used to get passed the loading screen in like 5 seconds but now it takes 3-5 min

That has to due with your ContentProvider, It is a service that tells you how many things are loading. So I assume since more stuff was added or there is new content then it takes you longer


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yes, but you don’t need to preload everything; having assets lazy loaded is better for some low-end devices.

having a button to skip the loading screen would be very beneficial

Yes this is a great idea. It should be added into v2 and v3.


o_O. ok sir