A1exCarter for County Council

  • Mission Statement; To enhance the public relations of the County Government with the great people of the State of Firestone.
  • Slogan; “For the Future, It’s out time for progress, Expect more, Our future is Green”
  • Why I am eligible for County Council;
    I am respectful,
    I listen to the PEOPLE voice & opinion, People may say your voice is not needed but EVERYONE’s voice is required & needed, It’s my Civil duty to make sure your voice is heard.
    I make sure the PEOPLE voice is heard.
    I take all possible solutions & answers into consideration, I see both side of the story and/or situation.
    I take every recommendation into consideration cause all of our voices are a Requirement for me to hear.
    I will always stand up for the people & their rights because we are #FirestoneCitizens
    I fight for both Non-Criminals & Criminals because no mater what we are both human,people at the end of the day, & we are all apart of one Society & Helpful/Respectful Community.
    I make my decisions based off of what’s best for the Community, The people, & the environment.
    I fight for better protection of the People, Our Rights, our local communities, & For our Families and our Friends.
    I fight to be the Microphone for the people & Fight to inspire others to Fight, Make sure your voice is heard, Make sure that the people are truly expressing themselves without Obstruction

Public Safety works such as, Firefighters & DOT Workers deserves the protection they need in the county they should not have to respond to a call a fear the lack of protection and the fear of dying for trying to do good for the public peace.

I fight for what we deserve a “Better system in total,I fight to regain the right of justice & get rid of injustice, I fight for the right of Freedom of Speech,Freedom of Religion,Freedom of the Press, Freedom to rightfully & peacefully rally.

“God Bless Firestone & The Great Citizens & Noncitizens of the Great state Of Firestone, Protect your rights & vote right!!!”

The PEOPLE deserves someone they can trust, Someone they can look at a say he’s like a brother to me. The PEOPLE deserves to let their voice be heard without obstruction. I am running for County Council to enhance the rutted,the pitted, & the jagged relation with the Government & its Beloved agencies. I’ve been voted best leadership in so many categories i’d be explaining for hours. I have the best leadership skills you can expect & will ever see from anyone. I am always attempting to negotiate for the people & make sure the Cities,County,State, & This nation is a safer place,better, & reasonable place to live/stay.

My Plans to enhance the Government

Hello the proud people of Firestone I would like to Introduce myself to you. I am running for Senate for the State Of Firestone but I am not running for the power nor the Popularity. I am running to help the Law Enforcement within the State of Firestone the support they need and for the Civilian of Firestone to make their opinions known to the rest of Firestone, I do not stand for the Abolishment of the County Government I am here to make sure that does not get enforced or implemented . I do not stand on the side of Terrorist I stand on the side of the People as a Government official you don’t always like the rules of life “Laws” but you must go by them this is your chance to “Make a Change” Vote right for A1exCarter for your County Council.“Were not fighting for power were fighting for better Freedom." I Plan on to assist the people, the law makers, the law enforcement, & other public safety workers, We all deserve protection and a safer county, I will focus mainly on the Protection of EVERYONE & attempting to lower the Crime Rate in Redwood by atleast 70%

“Dedication,Determination,& Discipline”

A1exCarter’s Speech For County Council

How about we not nullify elections this time?


No support, you need to write more about your plans for the term, this is like nothing…


Agreed @MartinRuarc


this is close to the same as your county executive speech, also spelling errors



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