A sincere speech

Congratulations Firestone,

We, as a community, have managed to achieve our goal of 30,000 members. Each one of us;

  • Citizens
  • Government Officials
  • Department/Agency Members
  • Developers

Contributed to this goal.
We are working as a true supportive community to reaching a goal, and we have reached it.
I’d like to take this moment to thank a few people that I believe helped me out to reach my goal, which is Senate.


  • Stood by me since my very first day in SCSO, helped me through, and assisted me until FBI. This man continues to assist and advice me throughout my decision. This, is what I consider a best friend.


  • Never left my side, assisted me and always stood by me. He is doing great now as FBI Director, and I truly believe he has done us all an honor by running the agency properly.


  • This person not only assisted me to get to my current position, but also taught me valuable life lessons and still continues to assist me throughout my duties as a Senator.


  • This is who taught me my morals, respect, and trained me. When he left, I was extremely upset, and even threatened to resign from the Bureau of Investigations, luckily this man is now a very successful trooper and has a long career ahead of him.


  • Though we are not in contact much longer, this man helped me recognize multiple things, and assisted me through my duties of ASAC of FBI. With ease, I can say this was one of the best agents.


  • A very simple and humble man, this man helped me recognize quite a few things as well, he also helped me through my duties as a Senator.


  • This is an OG (Old Gamer). He shall always be remembered, and respected. He helped me get up to where I am now, and I will never forget that.


  • This man is legendary. He was the most fun, exciting, strict and serious instructor. How? Don’t even ask me, I don’t know. He is also a very good friend of mine.


  • This man, is also what I would consider a best friend. He assisted me throughout ROBLOX itself, from state to state. I appreciate all your works, mate.

Shyidiot (Lab, Plwese):

  • This was my original FTO (Field Training Officer) and assisted me throughout my duties in the Sheriff’s Office. I will never forget his works and assists to me. Thank you.


  • This man was not only my mentor, but a very close friend. He taught a lot of things, part of it being: when to be strict and when to be joke-full. I thank you, friend.

I also thank everyone who voted me, supported me, and stood by me since day one.
Your works and efforts will not be left unnoticed.

State of Firestone,

I ask that if you have any comments, questions, or concerns towards me, or the senate, contact me on discord: Z.#1884


I LOVE YOU NO HOMO BB CONGRATS. I’m so thankful for you as a former agent and what you did for Firestone. You will succeed.

Dr. Avery MD PsyD, Deputy Secretary
Department of State
State of Firestone

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This group will be going places.

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Thank you, Robert.

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Thanks, man!

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y tho

Thanks, Ro_bert.

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where is me
im offended

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