A Senate Resolution to Ensure Activity (II)


Section One: The Clerk of the Senate, President of the Senate, and President Pro Tempore shall be tasked with keeping an easily accessible roster of current Senators detailing their activity at session. This roster shall show and tally absences (both excused and unexcused), presents, and late.

Section One-A: A “late” mark shall be defined as showing up to a session after the introduction of the first article of business for the chamber.

Section Two: Senators shall be required to attend sessions unless they are unable due to: family events/issues, personal events/issues, work/school, and similar such things. Should a Senator have one such event that conflicts with a session, they shall notify the three people referenced in Section One of this resolution of such conflict. Upon doing so, their absence shall be marked excused. An unexcused absence may be marked excused post-session if the Senator can provide an explanation for why they could not notify the chamber leadership prior to the session about one of the aforementioned causes.

Section Three: Incurring three unexcused absences shall be grounds for expulsion pursuant to Constitutional procedures for such.

Section Four: Every two lates shall count as an unexcused absences for the purposes of this resolution and shall go towards the tally for such for the purposes of this resolution.

Section Five: This resolution shall be enforced by the Clerk of the Senate, President of the Senate, and the President Pro Tempore.

Section Six: This resolution shall go into immediate effect upon passing the Senate.

Chief Sponsor:
idot_dannyboy, President Pro Tempore

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