A "Rundown" of Firestone Bureau of Investigation

Obviously, we can learn from past mistakes with the Bureau of Investigation.

Firstly, let’s re-establish the Bureau of Investigation with the following groundwork.



a. The Firestone Bureau of Investigation shall be re-established, and they shall be given the duty to investigate major occurrences within the State of Firestone, combat corruption within all levels of government, work together with other entities to protect the state, such as but not limited to: Firestone Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence Office Division, Firestone Election Committee , Department of Aviation, Department of Health, Firestone Courts, etc. They are mainly tasked with enforcing the law through legal and appropriate investigations and to act as a law enforcing agency under the Executive Branch.

b. The Bureau will be overseen by the Attorney General with having a Director appointed by the Attorney General with approval of the Firestone Senate requiring a simple-majority vote. The Governor shall consider the Attorney General’s request and make a decision on the nomination himself. The Director is able to be impeached, removed from office legally by the Governor, and per request of resignation by the Attorney General. Should there be no incumbent Director, the Governor is able to appoint an Acting Director and shall receive the same powers as any other incumbent Director. The Acting Director is a temporary fill-in position until another nomination is made for a permanent replacement.

c. The Bureau of Investigation will be under the Executive Branch of Firestone, the Governor will have the ability to take administrative actions towards and within the Firestone of Bureau of Investigation, the Governor may set policy and regulations with the Attorney General by Executive Orders and Memorandums. The Attorney General is able to create policy by himself for the Bureau seeing as it will be under the primary care of the Department of Justice.

d. The Department of Justice will be the parent agency for the Bureau. The Attorney General is permitted to supervise and manage the Agency. The Governor shall set limitations for the Attorney General to abide by while supervising and managing the Agency. The Attorney General is not able to fire, remove, or force a resignation from any members of the Firestone Bureau of Investigation other than requesting the resignation of the Director of the Bureau of Investigation with permission from the Governor.

e. The position of Director and Deputy Director shall be considered primary positions, while every rank under those will be considered a secondary position.

f. All investigations should only be accessible to the following people: The Governor, Attorney General, Intelligence Office Chief, Director and Deputy Director.

g. The Firestone Bureau of Investigation shall be defined as: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3411434/Firestone-Bureau-of-Investigation#!/about


This is an improved and a rough draft version. The Attorney General needs to do more with the department, it needs more oversight more people to help keep the department check and in order. It had too much leeway, it needs to be more cooperative with Intelligence Office as well, we can’t have two investigative basically departments that are unable to even do shit together. DHS And FBI need to work for hand and hand otherwise FBI will get nowhere.



Authorities and Responsibilities

a. The Bureau of Investigation will have the ability to open investigations on any elected/appointed official, of government or department wise. If the investigation is suspected or to be confirmed, with such reasonable grounds or such, the Bureau of Investigation shall forward it to Congress, The Courts, or the Congressional Government Oversight Committee.

b. The Bureau of Investigation will have the ability to conduct surveillance with abiding by the law if the person(s) of interest is suspected of committing a crime or is a threat to the well-being of Firestone.

c. The Bureau of Investigation will have the ability to conduct investigations, take appropriate action, and go through great lengths that are law-abiding to assure the security of the State of Firestone, whether it’s thorough investigation of prominent within the State of Firestone, to investigate major scandals, with the discretion of the Governor.

d. The Bureau of Investigation will have the responsibility to conduct investigations on foreign territory with approval from the State Department. Any foreign threats will be reported to the Department of Homeland Security, State Department, and the Governor.

e. The Bureau of Investigation shall have the responsibility to provide information that is beneficial and useful to agencies and departments to bring criminals into custody.




a. The Firestone Bureau of Investigation shall have a state-wide jurisdiction, meaning they have the ability to be all over the county.

b. The Bureau should make their presence known mostly in the organized crime arena and corruption in the political arena. Working for hand and hand with the Intelligence Office, they should work together to stop corruption and gang/mafia’s having influence in business and the government.

c. The Bureau of Investigation isn’t required to report its findings to CGOC, and shouldn’t overstep DPS jurisdiction either.

d. The Bureau of Investigation’s jurisdiction should be investigating government officials, investigating departments that Public Safety doesn’t cover, and investigating gangs and criminals with the Intelligence Office.



Policies and Regulations of the Bureau

a. Investigations, surveillance and other operations that the Bureau of Investigation conducts under the State must receive the direct consent of the Governor and Attorney General. The Governor and Attorney General are able to order an investigation, surveillance, and other operations to the Bureau of Investigation.

b. Any investigations on the Governor and Lieutenant Governor require the approval of solely the Attorney General.

c. The Director of the Firestone Bureau of Investigation is required to set forth policies and regulations for the department. The Attorney General is able to give out advice for the policies and regulations but the Director does not have to directly take advice. The Director has the responsibility of enforcing the regulation and policies.

d. The Governor will have the power to take administrative actions within the Bureau and may set forth policies and regulations that must be followed by the Bureau.




a. All of the positions within the Bureau of Investigation shall be considered secondary employment jobs, the Director and Deputy Director are “primary” positions.

b. The Bureau is required to assure the employees of its agency are competent and meet Governor and Attorney General standards monthly. The Bureau should assure that the prevention of classified information is not given to unauthorized entities either.

c. The Bureau of Investigation must assure the leakage of classified information and material be terms for removal of the individual in the agency that is giving out classified information and be removed for treason and prosecuted.

d. This piece of legislation will be seen by the Governor and enforced by the Firestone Bureau of Investigation.

e. This piece of legislation will go into effect immediately.

f. All laws in conflict with this piece of legislation are declared null and void.

etc etc etc.

tl;dr basically this is just sir_mr’s just revised basicaly


What about limiting the power of the Governor and not necessarily making it a dep. under the exec branch, but solely the AG. This would require some constitutional amendments, but right now they can’t really investigate the Governor. also, maybe add a ‘if AG is being investigated, the DAG gets power’ or something.






that is already how it would work if this was a “real legislative” bill.

and fbi would have to go under the executive branch if it enforces the law.


I think it should receive audit permissions as well.


i feel like as if we bring back FBI,

the cgoc can revert its resources on analyzing department performances and such, being an actual oversight committee, and only focus in the legislative branch.


I had a bill that was close to this but Congress can’t write bills like how we used to back in the old days.


didnt see it lol, thx


the hell
“d. The Bureau of Investigation’s jurisdiction should be investigating government officials, investigating departments that Public Safety doesn’t cover, and investigating gangs and criminals with the Intelligence Office.” sorry what the hell? so it’s DPS, IO, AND CGOC combined? no thank you.


don’t think the DOJ should oversee it tbh

if it’s gonna be as fed says it is, a DPS of DHS/FNG, and investigating GOs then it doesn’t require DOJ at all. plus, the last time DOJ oversaw it, it went to shit


i don’t reckon that the DOJ should have any real say in it tbh. being an investigative department, if they have to ask “is this legal” every time they want to do something, we’ll be here for the next year. it’s just another level of bureaucratic bull that has to be navigated before shit can get done if DOJ gets to poke their nose in


that’s fucked but ok. the ag isn’t the head of the EB and that’s intensely unconstitutional.


bring it back


Yeah, let’s just still to the original establishment bill shall we? (and it’s later amendment)


The majority of state-level DOJs irl are not under the executive branch but independent.


well, this would be more fit and just better to have a revised that is just able to be easily implemented with everything we have now.

it’d be a waste to have that bill that was from another time in firestone.


good thing this isnt irl


Study it, come back with the things that are wrong, then tell me it should be kept and used.


the entire first version of the legislation is wrong, it doesn’t have anything we have now.

whats the point of studying it than just recreating a bill that can pass congress as is?