A Petition to remove FPE Advisor Kasterix

Before Mark resigned from FPE, everything was going up hill, lots of people were interested into joining FPE and learning about the Law Enforcement experience Firestone has to offer. He took great care of not only FPE, but other departments as well. After his resignation, a new Advisor was picked.

No disrespect for Advisor Kasterix, but since he got here, FPE has become just another inactive ROBLOX group, the complete opposite of what FPE is supposed to be. He’s done no major changes since he got placed as Advisor and has only let FPE get more and more Inactive.

Continuing, when Advisor Kasterix was placed into FPE, his first task was terminating former FPE Captain Sky_Law. When I was appointed to Captain, I did so much more to help benefit FPE than he ever did since he got here. The least he has done is terminating people with pretty much no reason. Below this petition, you will get an idea of what I mean by his foolishness and incompetence.

Mark was a leader, but Advisor Kasterix can’t be one. Your vote matters, and will benefit the future of law enforcement in Firestone greatly. Please sign this petition wisely, acknowledging all matters that have been stated.


FPE Captain kindman77

  • Remove Advisor Kasterix
  • Keep Advisor Kasterix

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Kasterix is white, thus it would be racist for black people to remove him.

Also kasterix is smart computer boi, so I like him.

Thus keep kas.

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Your point is really not strong. You aimed it more towards your favoritism for him.

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Oh isnt life about favoritism?

Not having favoritism is basically supporting communism because communism means everyone is equal right? Someone determines if you get that job, someone determines if you have internet access, someone determines a lot of things in your daily life.

Kasterix is a very intellegent man I do not know very well, although from his knowledge I am confident in his abilities to lead. He is a great guy, even if we have some scuffles when in county government. I am ensured through the experiences with him that he will lead FPE properly. He knows a lot about computers, he has the ability to do lots.

Also didnt he just dismiss some people or something? He aint inactive I don’t think.


He’s dismissed the active people in FPE, keeping the inactive ones. His knowledge of computers barely comes in handy when running a department. So far, he has shown little to no dedication to anything happening in FPE.

He maybe intelligent, sure I can somewhat agree on that, but he’s not doing anything to impact FPE with it.

Dedication doesn’t just come through sitting around and making people do things for you, it’s by actually getting the hell up and doing something. I am sick and tired of him putting the slack on everyone else while he just sits and does nothing. FPE needs a dedicated leader that will actually get up and show that he/she cares for the department.


Did he tho?

I dont keep up with FPE because I dont see a point in it. However, to me it seemed like he removed inactive people and put in dedicated conservative leaders.

From the looks of it, Kas hasnt been inactive at all. He last posted something in FPE announcements on Monday. He appointed a very republican man to associate advisor, and from the looks of it things will happen soon. He also just talked in the Firestone discord today so I dont see how thats inactive.

Not entirely. As County Executive I had my slaves do my bidding, with me as the mastermind behind the meticulous crafting of my Administration- which fell apart.

Maybe dont make a useless idea exist to begin with lol
I dont see a point in FPE at all, just like DoA, DoH, DPW, Boating and Waterways, Parks and Recreation, ect.

Although you can make useless ideas useful- like I attempted to do with Arborfield.

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Sure, you can reside with your negative opinions about said departments, including FPE but others who actually care want some action taken.

The Firestone Discord and FPE Discord is totally something else. Sure, he hired a new Associate Advisor who clearly shows more dedication than him, but that still doesn’t prove the fact that he is inactive. He hasn’t hosted a single goddamn meeting since he’s gotten here, and hasn’t done a single task to keep the department organized. According to him, everyone must contact him for the removal of certain members from the group. I’ve attempted to do such for the past week yet again, no action was taken.

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You can ask any Explorer and Probie, and they will tell you that he is Inactive.

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Meetings arent very important. As Arborfield Mayor, I only recall having a few meetings.

Kast has done quite a bit from what I can see. I dont think kas is inactive at all. If he goes without saying anything for two weeks, then yes, he would be inactive. But thats not the case here. He is doing stuff with his department from the looks of it, and taking occasional breaks is alright in my view. I have a job, he probably has one too, considering his server rack.

Roblox isnt life, hentai is.

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Hentai is a completely irrelevant topic here.

The title ‘Advisor’ states that you are fully committed to FPE. It’s not just there for fashion, but meaning.
At the moment, FPE only has a total of 4 Explorers due to the inactivity resembled by the Advisor and his Associate Advisors. As mentioned before, he has not hosted a single meeting and nor has his new team of Associate Advisors. The last team actually did devote their time to FPE. The current one is just a pile of fruits rotting away.

If I had the power to, I would completely reform FPE including the Advisor and Associate Advisor. They are clearly not fit for the task.

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oh also

Im sure he will do things with FPE, you just aint patient enough! Patience is key in most situations. Give it some more time and I am sure things will happen.


Everyone in FPE has waited long enough, and expect change. It has been weeks since Advisor Kasterix was appointed, and things should have had happened by now.

Sure, I may have wrote this petition naively, but at least I am attempting to put forward a change.

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Honestly, if we want a better program, we need people who care about it a ton. Not that kat does not, I just understand that he has a lot that he has to worry about.

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According to this document that was released before FPE was official, FPE has Certificates and Merits that are given out to Explorers upon achieving said activities.

If Advisor Kasterix were to be active within FPE, said Certificates and Merits would have already been put to use.

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you expect fpe to work…


what do you expect him to do

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Laughs at useless petition


Laughs at useless petition [2]


i dont understand why people expect FPE to be useful

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I understand where you are coming from. I understand FPE has not been up to the top standards but I planned on working through it now that I have a stable command. POST was suppose to be a helping hand in this and they had not had a director for a while. Now that we have one, I can move forward.

Remove me if you wish, but we are working hard to get everything up in place. Stuff happens behind the scenes, and no everything is shared. In the past few days since I hired CAST_MEMBER, We have started what exactly FPE stands for. I plan on helping with his standards that he has shown in his announcements. We all do different jobs and those jobs will take time. We all have lives and can’t Be on at the same time.

I have been here from the beginning of FPE start up and I know what and how things operate. As mentioned, the certifications that are in place have not been forgotten. It has taken time to get things built up under how I want things to operate. If it shows inactivity, I apologize. That improvements takes a team and not complaints like this.

FPE hasn’t died, nor will it. I believe with the right strength we can help move forward.