A Petition to Remove 2 Cabinet Members

Hi there, I am petitioning to have Secretary iLordofAviation and Chief of Staff iSchwenzer removed from office.

I would like to start off with iSchwenzer, He had committed Battery and Vehicular Assault, and being tried in criminal court for this. He bounced on someone after hitting him with his F150 The screenshots make that clear…

iLordofAviation was arrested for interference of LE.

We, The people, shouldn’t tolerate criminals in office. I haven’t seen OVG say anything about this. soo…


The arrest on Mr. iLordOfAviation is stupid, and I have submitted a case on that arrest. You can find it here:


The other thing I see stupid too is the protest signs saying “Driver has warrants”…

I mean the passenger in the front is a senator, Very very mature to see a senator do… e.e

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It’s not really common to impeach GOs for one misdemeanor

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Woah :eyes:

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