A Letter, In Opposition of Lower Government

So, a debate has been going on lately about the County level government, mainly after @anon54114525’s suggestions on the matter a month or so ago. While this isn’t necessarily a “counter post,” it will likely refute some of those ideas.

So flat out, I feel giving the county government more power will risk destroying the government for little to no gain. Subverting the state government’s power just for shits and giggles to give to the County means nothing, and it risks allowing collapse and corruption. We could give the County as much power of law as we want, but they can’t really enforce their laws. They have one enforcement agency/service (SCSO). Now, out the usual 10-15 LEOs in a full server maybe a forth are Deputies. That means only 1/4 of cops in a server have any obligation or need to enforce County law. They don’t have a court system, and the state courts don’t, not ever will, enforce county law. So, we would be depowering the state government so like 4/5 (or less) people in a server can have more laws to use…?

Furthermore, nations irl haven’t had good times when they changed their system of government drastically without real purpose, or didn’t have a strong, higher government. Like Venezuela, upon changing their economic and governmental system their entire country collapsed. Or the USA before the constitution got to what it is now: the state’s had all the power and were basically just a bunch of small nations doing stupid shit (declaring war on each other, inflating currency, each state having their own currency, trade wars, etc.). If the United States had continued on like that it would have died.

So in conclusion, what do we gain from giving the County more power? Luls? Everytime we start the County back up it goes around violating the constitution and doing stupid stuff, and it ends up getting abolished. So why do we continue on in this moronic cycle?

Furthermore the government is one of the last bastions of this state, if we lose that I’m pretty confident the state will go.

tl;tr please.

Oh ya Mr. Danny

Tl;dr: People want to take power from the state and give it to the County. The county is useless because only SCSO can enforce their laws, and SCSO is always a miniority of the LEOs on a server. Finally doing this could break our government for no real purpose.

As Firestone is a fictional independent state with one county, I don’t necessarily believe those examples given about those nations apply to us.

But speaking of county government, we should consider how much power will be given and if the government can handle it.

We should also think about Firestone in the future. If we give the Stapleton County Government X amount of power today, will it make or break the county, and with what people in the government? Especially a year or two from now.

Certainly, powers that can easily be misused should not be given to the county government. Danny knows that but I’m not sure what was originally suggested by Envelope.

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