A Joint Resolution to Fix the (CPAC)

A Joint Resolution to Fix the Congressional Public Advisory Committee (CPAC)


SECTION 1: The Congressional Public Advisory Committee, or CPAC, shall be completely reworked, in order to promote public awareness to all things occurring in the Legislative Branch.

SECTION 2: The CPAC shall still consist of two (2) Representatives and two (2) Senators, appointed by the chamber heads.

SECTION 2A: The CPAC shall consist of two (2) chairman/chairwomen consisting of the author of this resolution and the President of the Senate, otherwise known as the Lieutenant Governor.

SECTION 2B: After the term in which the author of this legislation presented this in, the chairmen/chairwomen shall be the Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor.

SECTION 2C: The CPAC shall be in charge of creating a weekly informative message addressed to the people of Firestone pertaining to all pieces of Legislation that include: passed, signed, confirmations, amendment, and general important legislation.

SECTION 2D: The weekly message created must be approved by both chairmen/chairwomen in order to be released.

SECTION 2E: The weekly message shall be enacted by the committee members, consisted of two (2) Representatives and two (2) Senators, and overseen by the committee heads.

SECTION 2F: Any member can be removed from CPAC if deemed necessary by the chairman/chairwoman.

SECTION 3: The Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor, shall oversee the enforcement of this legislation.

SECTION 4: This legislation will go into effect immediately upon passage.

SECTION 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of State of the Firestone,

Chief Sponsor:

Senator, Sir_Mr


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