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Good evening/morning citizens of the State of Firestone. From both me and Torenixz we thank you for taking time out of your day to read this address! As you read on you will see what myself, [Lieutenant Governor Name], and my administration plan on adjusting (or changing), and what we plan on continuing. [Direct all questions to Batcat60#9811 or Roblox Gamer#2082]

(A) Candidate’s Background
(B) External Relations
© State Protection
(D) Plans with Executive Branch
(E) Plans with the Legislative Branch
(F) Plans with the Judicial Branch
(G) Administration
(H) Conclusion

(A) Candidate’s Background [Batcat60]

Joining Firestone back in March, and a few days later I decided I wanted to go to Firestone’s Peace Officer Standards and Training academy. After graduating in P.O.S.T Class 33, I wanted to begin my Firestone career by joining Firestone Department of Corrections and then later joining the Firestone National Guard: Military Police. After a while of being in the Firestone’s Department of Corrections, I became a Correctional Officer Training Academy instructor where I was for about 2 weeks before becoming a Head Instructor. After achieving Head Instructor I became apart of the Department of Corrections Special Emergency Response Team. I hold many valuable character traits and skills which include: Being decisive, being efficient, being experienced, and being skilled. In Firestone though I have not been here for too long, I had have quite the Journey achieving multiple positions. I hold many certifications and previous positions such as:
P.O.S.T Certified
Firestone Fire Academy Firefighter Certified
EMT-Basic Certified
Basic Correctional Officer Training Certified
Transportation Training Program Certified
CFCT Certified
Current House of Representatives
Current Firestone Fire Academy Junior Instructor
My resume can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l72LNPUW67AIw-m6zAlNELDGhmxC2P00n2UO7KxMjtg/edit

(A) Candidate’s Background [Torenixz]

I joined Firestone around 8 or 9 months months ago and a few weeks or so later, I joined Firestone’s Peace Officer Training and Standards and Graduated class 31. I have had plenty of experience as far as being a Firestone State Patrol trooper to knowing every single law by heart. But back on topic, After completing P.O.S.T I had no clue on what I wanted to do now, so I went ahead and joined Firestone State Patrol where I still am to this very day. When I joined Firestone and got more “experienced” with the group I noticed a few things, its relationship with other states, and the amount of crime in Stapleton County, I want to strengthen our relationships with other states and try to lower the crime rate drastically.

(B) External Relations

Firestone has many “opponents” if you may. While in office I plan on attempting to restore relationships with other states such as Mayflower by doing a few things such as: signing a Peace Treaty to end this little “war” we have going on with Mayflower, having events with Firestone Citizens and Mayflower Citizens, and a wide variety of other things. Many of you may ask “Why do you want to have a relationship with Mayflower?” well the answer to that is because it is important to me, for too long Firestone and Mayflower have been going at each others necks, though Mayflower and Firestone differ very much, I believe we should at least try and restore relationships with them.
I will most likely be keeping Butsworth as the Secretary of State, but I’d like to work with the Secretary of State, if I am elected, to establish some sort of “assembly” in which we will have the Firestone Administration meet with the Mayflower Administration to discuss policies, strengthen our relationships, and gain partners to help Firestone continue to thrive.

© State Protection

Firestone’s Statewide Protection will be my main priority while in office. After being in Firestone for only a few months, I have noticed the crime rate, the shootings everyday, the officers getting shot, there are so many things that happen in Stapleton County everyday that put the citizens in danger, I want to stop this by implementing new Legislations, which will lower the crime rate, and the shootings, etc. I plan on having more officers in the County to protect the citizens, having our officers trained to the absolute BEST of their ability. I want to push the Department of Homeland Security:Intelligence Office to their best to keep citizens up to date along with protecting our State.
To do these things, I plan on meeting with Congressional members along with the Chief Court Justice to make punishments harsher, make the jail sentences longer, and making the gun laws stricter. While in office, there is a new system I plan on implementing with our CFCT’s, not to spoil it too much but it will go a little something like this: Those who hold licenses will have an expiration date of said license before they have to retake an exam [NOT THE CFCT] to regain that license; and hopefully this will lower the crime rate of those with legal guns doing crimes. However, I do plan on making the punishment for carrying an illegal firearm, harsher so those whom buy them will be in jail longer making them want to stop buying illegal firearms.

(D) Plans with the Executive Branch

The Executive Branch has been overall doing very well. However, there are a few things I want to implement while in office. While in office I plan on doing: weekly press releases to update the citizens on the status of the Executive Branch, having monthly administrative meetings [with department heads] to discuss the status of their department, and last but not least having public meetings every so often for the citizens to ask Department Heads questions on their department, etc. The main thing I want to focus on for the executive branch is getting those weekly press releases to the citizens to update them on the status of the executive branch.

(E) Plans with the Legislative Branch

There are not a lot of things I plan on changing in the Legislative Branch; however, there is 1 thing that has my attention which is activity. The Legislative Branch can be inactive at times causing bills on the docket to stack up. While in office I want to make arrangements with the Speaker of the House, President Pro Tempore, Speaker Pro Tempore, and Lieutenant Governor discussing how often they should have sessions to keep their chamber’s activity up. Besides that the Legislative Branch has been doing very well and I would like to see them keep it up.

(F) Plans with the Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is operating very fine as it should, however at times it can be understaffed by a lot. There has been times where we have only had 2 Court Justices which is not good at all. While in Office I want to nominate new court justices I know will be there for a long time. I also want to make very minor changes to our court system that I believe will make it just a little better. There is not too many things to fix in our Judiciary, however I will say that I want to meet with the Justices to discuss harsher punishments.

(G) Administration

My administration will change just a tad bit. Please know that everyone I choose to be in my administration has experience in what they are doing, everyone I have chosen for a position is someone I believe can do the job to excellent standards. I will not list the chosen people here, however I will say that you will not be disappointed.

(H) Conclusion

To conclude, I have really big changes for the State of Firestone in which changes I believe will help Firestone in the long run. I will try my hardest to enforce the fair pay act, and work with the DoH Secretary to discuss the departments future. I really would like to thank you for reading this speech and I hope I have convinced you to vote for me in the Gubernational Elections. I’ll be sure to be a governor you can trust!


Batcat60, Governor Canididate
Torenixz, Lieutenant Governor Canididate


Support Fully!

FSP Prob. Trooper.
DOT Senior Public Employee
FNN Excutive Director


give me a tldr because anything over 50 words is way too much but anyways support




i also support fully


SCFD Firefighter/Paramedic
FFA Training Officer
POST EMR Instructor

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Fully Supported

SCFD Critical Care Paramedic
[Formerly CTO of FFA and PiC in SCFD]
Firestone Medical Curriculum Team

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i would support you but, you were my friend before I shot up FSP, and if you become Governor i got to kill you

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Full support

SCSO Corporal
DoC Senior Correctional Officer
NG Private

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This actually sounds awful! Your plans are horrible dude, your gun control plans fuck over the people who use their guns legally lol. I have seen 7 instances of legal firearms abuse in a year, they aren’t the issue.


Do I smell communism here

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But you are a rep right now, why don’t you do it NOW.


No support.

Legal gun holders rarley do crime in the state of firestone

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so how will that work? just asking the criminals to follow the legislation? lol

You really don’t know what IO does do you? We’re not a public relations department.

this’ll actually discourage people from taking that exam if they’re lazy enough. if they’re using legal guns for crime why not just revoke and blacklist their license?

that’s gonna be chaotic, why must you let the department heads do that when they could just as easily be DMed on discord about these issues?




This actually sounds pretty good. I can see you put a lot of effort into making this speech and It’s amazing, The fact that you have only been here since March and you’ve already managed to do so much in this state shows you have the dedication to this State already.

I do agree on having better relationships with other Ro-nations. This will get other Ro-nations to get to know Firestone better such as Mayflower citizens having a better opinion on our state, And Firestone citizens the same. It would be nice to do things together with them so we can both understand each other and work things out.

IO Is not really for public relations. I think you should work with SCSO and FSP with this. Maybe working with their Community relations to help Citizens understand Law enforcement better, Get some to want to join thus making more Officers in the county, And earning officers trust. I get where you were going with this but IO Isn’t the best for this task, SCSO, and FSP would be a better pick.

Even though I am a criminal, This does sound good. I may be a Criminal but I’m also looking for realism. I like how you want crime to be under control but fed said in Version 3, Criminals will be able to be put into prison for up to 6 or so hours but DOC will be a lot more active so we won’t be too bored. So you can work with devs to maybe even get this put into V2 Nice plan.

I can agree with this 100%, Some people say this is a bad idea but it does NOT. I have seen people WITH gun licenses kill people and still have a gun license weeks after they have done crimes. Stickycabage is a perfect example, she has had her gun license for a while yet, she has killed so many people including me since legal guns are so much cheaper e.g legal CZ-75 is 475$ or so, While the illegal one is 1.7k. huge difference. We need to either get stricter gun laws Or make the CFCT Instructors more active to suspend licenses, either way, you go I hope this system becomes more effective as this will add realism. If a citizen with a gun license killed an officer, His or her license would be revoked in seconds and it should be the same within Firestone, A Criminal should have to pay big bucks like the rest of us for weapons to harm others and It’s not fair that I have to pay 1.7k for an illegal gun while some criminals slime away with only paying 475$.

I fully support you even though I’m a nobody with like 271 arrest lol!
Signed: Bisexual Tree



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oh when did you come out as a bisexual tree. i must have missed it. congrats on coming out :joy::joy:

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Full support!

SCSO Lieutenant
DoC Senior Correctional Officer
DoC SERT Specialist

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That doesn’t mean that it is impossible for legal gun owners to do crime with it, Prevention is better than cure. Just because they rarely happen, you cannot guarantee a 0% crime rate with legal guns.

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