A Bill to Regulate Parking

A Bill to Regulate Parking

14 April 2018


SECTION 1: Parking shall be regulated in the City of Redwood.

SECTION 1A: ‘Parking’ shall be defined as ‘Pressing P on the keyboard, exiting the vehicle for any period of time for any reason, or remaining stationary in the vehicle for more than twenty seconds.

SECTION 2: The following acts shall be declared unlawful in the City of Redwood:

  1. Parking a vehicle on 100th Avenue at any time.
  2. Parking a vehicle on 98th Avenue at any time.
  3. Parking a vehicle in such a manner as that obstructs, blocks, or otherwise impedes a pedestrian crosswalk.
  4. Parking a vehicle near an official traffic control device less than 12 studs from the traffic control device or 5. the designated stopping point by which vehicles should stop at
  5. Parking a vehicle on County Bulevard at any time.
  6. Parking a vehicle in front of another’s driveway without consent of the owner.
  7. Parking a vehicle on any sidewalk.

SECTION 3: All offenses named in Section 2 shall be declared violations of city ordinance and shall result in the following fines:
Violation of Section 2-1: Twenty dollar fine
Violation of Section 2-2: Twenty dollar fine
Violation of Section 2-3: Forty-five dollar fine
Violation of Section 2-4: Thirty dollar fine
Violation of Section 2-5: Fifteen dollar fine
Violation of Section 2-6: Twenty-five dollar fine
Violation of Section 2-7: Twenty dollar fine

SECTION 3A: If an offender has more than one violation for the same offense, five dollars shall be imposed to the original fine for each offense after.

SECTION 4: The Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, Firestone State Patrol, Firestone Department of Homeland Security, or any other official law enforcement agency recognized within the State of Firestone and County of Stapleton shall enforce this ordinance.

SECTION 5: Exemptions: Any member of the following agencies engaged in their official duties shall not be in violation of this ordinance should they commit any of the offenses named in Section 2:
The Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office
The Stapleton County Fire Department
The Firestone State Patrol
The Firestone Department of Homeland Security
The Firestone Bureau of Investigation
The Firestone Department of Corrections
The Firestone Department of Transportation
The Firestone Department of Public Works
The Firestone National Guard

SECTION 5A: Additionally, any person with a legitimate and valid reasoning for committing any of the offenses may be exempt. This shall be delegated to the law enforcement officer(s) on scene to determine.

SECTION 6: Upon passage, this bill shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 7: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Redwood City Council,

Chief Sponsor: Mayor Jackson026

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