A Bill to Redefine and Reinforce 'Extortion'


Be it enacted by the State of Firestone Congress here assembled that…*

SECTION 1A: ‘Extortion Legislation’ shall be defined as: https://trello.com/c/ZUDqXhgt/1386-a-bill-to-recognize-extortion

SECTION 1B: ‘Extortion Legislation’ shall be declared null and void.

SECTION 2A: ‘Extortion’ shall be defined as: the act of unlawfully coercing an individual, party, entity, or departmental/governmental body into taking a specific action to benefit or achieve something, with failing to do such resulting in action being taken on them by the perpetrator of this criminal act. Coercing, by this legislation, shall be defined as: demanding someone to do something by using threats, blackmail, or forceful power, whether it be legal or illegal.

SECTION 2B: ‘Extortion’ shall be recognized as a felonious offense.

SECTION 2C: ‘Extortion’ shall be enforced by the Firestone Courts. If one is convicted or such action, he or she shall be consequated from at least 1 hour to a maximum of 3 hours within the State penitentiary. This offense cannot be enforced with the power of arrest, it is to be prosecuted within the court of law.

SECTION 3: Upon passage within both legislative chambers and met with the official signature with the incumbent State of Firestone Governor, this legislation shall take immediate effect.




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