A BILL to Re-Establish the StapIeton County Court

To enforce proper standings within the county, and to ensure the State court system does not deterior; we shall remove the heightened amount of work set on the State courts by removing county cases and issues out of their hands. We shall now re-establish the lower-court system of our government.


SECTION 1. We shall form the Stapleton County Court

(a) Such court has the ability to preside over court cases that in which the matter-of-the court case lies within the jurisdiction of Stapleton County.

(b) Such court shall be monitored of and effectively managed by the Chief Court Justice, above such court containing the follow positions that are ordered to be considered “secondary” jobs; and are considered to be members of the Stapleton County Court.
(i) a Chief Judge of the County Court, and;
(ii) County Judge(s)

(c) Such court shall only exist of nominations by the Stapleton County Executive; confirmations entitled to a super-majority vote by which the Stapleton County Council concludes;
(i)nominations shall be subject to recommendation by the Chief Court Justice

(a) As of Section 1(a), the county court may handle court cases; “Within the jurisdiction of Stapleton County,” and shall be set forth to cases in which conclude;
(i) such court may handle court cases in regards to traffic infractions;
(ii) such court may handle court cases in regards to municipal-laws, and;
(iii) countywide laws, and;
(iv) misdemeanors

(b) Such court shall be mandated by approval[overall verdict] of the Chief Court Justice; in which a case is not within County-Jurisdiction, the case shall be sent to the State courts;
(i) such court process may not be regulated; amended by any municipal council.
(ii) such court shall be regulated; amended by the state legislature through appropriate legislation.

(a) Such court may further be regulated in regards to the Stapleton County court; handled by appropriate legislation within the Stapleton County Government;
(i) such court may be regulated through legislation by the County Council.
(ii) such state legislation shall have the power to overrule any and all county legislation or regulation on the matter of the County court.

(b) All members of the StapIeton County Court are to be regarded as County Government
(i) such County Government Officials shall not be ranked “Court Justice” within the State of Firestone group, as listed here: State of Firestone - Roblox
(ii) such County Government Officials shall be ranked “County Government Official” within the State of Firestone group, as defined in Section 2(b)(i).

SECTION 3. Such state legislature shall be defined as; State of Firestone Congress

SECTION 4. This legislation shall go into effect immediately once signed by the County Executive

SECTION 5. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.
Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Speaker Pro Tempore, SpencerMercer
County Executive, Sp_encer

Co Sponsor(s):
Councilman, Noctilate
Councilman, Patchy319
Councilman, steelersben07
Councilman, Kasterix
Chairperson, Markehabashi

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