A Bill to Propose the Stapleton County Crisis Clause

Be it enacted by the State of Firestone Congress here assembled that:

Section 1.
This Bill shall recognize the official procedures the County Government will perform in the case of failing to perform their duties. The Bill shall refer to itself as the “Clause” several times throughout.

Section 1B.
The Way the state government and County Government will be able to perform the procedure is if the Legislative Branch can jointly vote with a majority to pass the Articles of this Bill.

Section 1C.
The Legislative Branch may vote to nullify the Clause quicker than stated with a simple Joint-Majority

Section 2.
All County Operations shall be suspended and all government procedures shall be suspended. The only parts of the County immune to the suspension are the Stapleton County Sheriffs Department and Stapleton County Fire Department.

Section 2b.
All Elected County Officials shall be sacked upon passage of this clause.

Section 3.
Following these procedures, 20 days after enactment the bill shall be voided. Voting to reinstate the Bill within the next 15 days shall be barred.

Section 4.
The Capital Staff Program shall be enacted permanently upon the first passage of the Clause and may be nullified separately if problems arise.

Section 4B.
Elections shall be held within the next 2 days after the completion of the Clause to reinstate the Government.

Section 5.
During the period of suspension, The State Legislature shall get all responsibilities of the Counties governmental operations apart from the Judicial branch which shall go in the hands of the State’s Judicial Branch.

Section 5b.
The Senate shall be responsible for nominating and approving of Fire Chiefs and Sheriffs.

Section 6.
The following departments shall be defined as:
Stapleton County Sheriffs Department: Stapleton County Sheriff's Office - Roblox
Stapleton County Fire Department: Stapleton County Fire Department - Roblox

Chief Sponsor
Sen. Baron_Natertot8425

Lt. Gov PwnzorSausage


Bill Status:

Proposed in Senate

Awaiting vote in the Senate


Bill Status:

Passed Senate

Awaiting vote in the House