A Bill to Make Illegal Parking a Misdeameanor


SECTION 1. This bill, will recognize illegal parking as a fineable misdemeanor.

SECTION 1A. Illegal parking shall be defined as obstructing a public road (i.e idling in the middle of a road); parking in a handicap area without a permit; obstruction on public property; absence of owner at a scene.

SECTION 1B. The Firestone Department of Transportation will be defined as: Firestone Department of Transportation - Roblox

SECTION 2. If the owner of the vehicle is not present at the scene otherwise abandoned, for a maximum amount of at least 10 minutes, the vehicle will be cited by any LEO present at the scene, and later towed by the Firestone Department of Transportation by request of a LEO.

SECTION 2A. Parking shall be defined as placing a vehicle stationary in a parking space, within a parking lot of any establishment.

SECTION 3. The Firestone Department of Transportation, The Firestone State Patrol, The Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office, The Firestone Department of Homeland Security, and the Firestone Department of Corrections shall enforce this law.

SECTION 3A. Illegal parking shall be declared a misdemeanor and a person shall be charged no more than 200$ (MAX).
i. 60$ ii. 70$ iii. 150$ iv. 180$ v. 200$

SECTION 4. All emergency responders/public transportation workers in service/on duty are exempt from this law, and shall not be noted/charged. If found off duty, and illegally parking, the respective department will take disciplinary actions on the employee/public servant.

SECTION 5. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

SECTION 6. This legislation shall go into immediate effect once passed by the House and Senate.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

CHIEF SPONSOR(S): Senator, a_sbestos

CO SPONSOR(S): Senator, DevMartavis
Rep. MrEmote.
Senator, Rinextel

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