A Bill to Institute Jury Reform


Preamble: Recently, juries have been wreaking havoc on the judicial system. Several mistrials have occurred due to juror incompetence and malice. From not understanding basic functions, to out right bias.

SECTION 1: A database of all jurors shall be collected by the Firestone Courts. Every time a person shall serve as a juror, their name, trial they served on, date of said trial, verdict, and if the juror left during the trial will be recorded. This database will be kept on a new Trello board under the Courts. This shall serve to collect data and act as evidence for any investigation of wrong doing.
B: This database, to protect jurors from retaliation of convicted persons, shall be sealed, and restricted to members of the Courts, Department of Justice, and investigatory bodies as such is warranted.
C: However, should a juror need to be prosecuted for crimes under this act, the Department of Justice may unseal a specific jurors record with probable cause that a crime has been committed. A written affidavit sworn under an oath given by a judge must state such probable cause, and be admitted with all evidence.

SECTION 2: Unlawful Disclosure of Juror Information shall be deemed illegal. Unlawful Disclosure of Juror Information shall be the act of, without relevance and authorization for trial, sharing or distributing a juror’s record.
B: Unlawful Disclosure of Juror Information shall be a felony, and upon conviction in a court of law, result in incarceration for a maximum time of one hour.

SECTION 3: Juror Misconduct shall be deemed illegal. Juror Misconduct shall be the act of influencing the outcome of a trial via bias or intimidation.
B: Bias shall be defined as having a personal grudge or feeling toward one or more parties of a case. In a case where either party is a member of a government department or agency, no juror may be in the same department.
C: Intimidation shall be defined as threatening or aggravatedly coercing a fellow juror in effort to get them to vote a certain way.
D: Juror Misconduct shall be a felony, and upon conviction in a court of law, result in a minimum of one hour incarceration, to two hours incarceration.

SECTION 4: The Firestone Courts shall have the right to bar individuals and criminal organizations from acting as jurors. Those barred from jury duty will be listed on the District Court board for the public.
B: A person may be barred from jury duty for: conviction of any crime under this act, committing Perjury or Contempt of Court, previously having a warrant for arrest, or causing a mistrial of a previous case due to error, negligence, or malice.

SECTION 5: Jurors must now meet certain criteria. All jurors must be citizens of Firestone. If a juror is in a department, they must disclose so. If a juror knows either party personally, they must disclose show.
B: Pretrial, all potential jurors shall be sworn in under oath. They will then be asked if they meet the above criteria, and to disclose either of the above things. If all is well, they will continue on to be jurors. Persons who do not meet the criteria will be removed. Should any juror not meet this criteria and blie, they shall be guilty of Perjury and be punished as such.

SECTION 6: Perjury as mentioned in this act shall refer to the definitions of A Bill to Forbid Perjury A Bill to Forbid the Act of Perjury

SECTION 7: Contempt of Court as mentioned in this act shall refer to the definitions of A Bill to Protect the Court System A Bill to Protect the Firestone Court System

SECTION 8: The District Court board as mentioned in this act shall be defined as Trello

SECTION 9: The Firestone Courts and the Department of Justice shall be tasked with enforcing this act.

SECTION 10: This act shall go into effect immediately upon being passed by both houses of Congress and being signed into law by the Governor.

SECTION 11: All legislation in conflict with this is rendered null and void.

Chief Sponsor:
DevMartavis, Senator

DannyboyLaw, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Brotix_RBLX, Attorney General


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