A Bill to Inform Applicants

Several of employers in the State of Firestone’s Executive Branch require applicants to send a “join request” to their designated groups after applying in order to receive a virtual response as to whether or not they were selected for hire. However this is a common problem when people have limited group space and fear to leave a group, send a request and suffer if they don’t get accepted. This bill should effectively decipher this concern with a simple factor if one is hired upon their department/agency.

A Bill to Inform Applicants

SECTION 1A: This legislation shall force all State of Firestone authorized employers known and recognized to or by the State of Firestone Executive Branch, State of Firestone Legislature/Legislative Branch, and the State of Firestone Judicial Branch - to notify their designated applicants by method of employment, upon selection of that applicant, that they have been appointed to the nominated position of interest applicable.

SECTION 1B: Notification of appointment in the interest of the applicant and employer through method of employment should be issued through ROBLOX messaging or external communication methods known or common to the State of Firestone.

SECTION 1C: This legislation should be potent only when and/or if the applicant has successfully submitted a qualified application however has not sent their “join request”.

SECTION 2A: This legislation is to prevent to the cost of employment to the nominees or applicants that have provided a well constructed application or of that sort in the method of employment due to group space limitations.

SECTION 2B: This should apply to any/all County job offers and employers.

SECTION 2C: If an applicant follows through with allowed group space and sends the “join request” at will, this legislation does not apply to the employer nor the applicant(s) who send the request as long as the applicant of interest was accepted in the event that they were hired.

SECTION 2D: Employers that mandate to send “join requests” in their application may keep this component in their application but must follow this legislation.

SECTION 2E: Authorized employers who refuse this legislation or fail to enforce it will be deemed unfit in their employment techniques or practices and will be subject to examination upon the Chambers of the State Congress, or additional definition in Section 3.

SECTION 3A: Effective when passed, this legislation should be enforced by the Firestone Governor.

SECTION 4A: This legislation shall become effective immediately upon passage.

SECTION 5A: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to both Congressional Parties of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Senator omar_dude

Senator 851raymond
Senator Mythric

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