A Bill to Illicit Genocide in the State of Firestone

to Illicit Genocide in the State of Firestone

Be it enacted by the State of Firestone House of Representatives and Senate in Congress here assembled:

Sec. 1.

This act may be cited as “A Bill to Illicit Genocide” for short.

Sec. 2.

(a) Genocide shall be considered illegal, against the law, and shall be considered a felony.

(b) Genocide shall be defined as: Intentionally committing murder that involves a large group of people.

(c ) Upon conviction in court, the individual who has been convicted shall be punished with no less than forty-eight (48) hours in the state correctional facility.

Sec. 3.

(a) The Firestone Courts are tasked with overseeing this legislation, while the Firestone Executive Branch is tasked with enforcing this legislation.

Sec. 4.

(a) Upon passage of both the Firestone House of Representatives, and the Senate, as well as being signed into law by the Governor of Firestone, this bill shall go into effect immediately.

Sec. 5.

(a) All laws in conflict with this bill are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the honorable Congress of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor:
Senator NotoriousAmerican

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