A Bill to Illegalize "Standing on a Median"

A Bill to Illegalize “Standing on a Median”


Preamble: Prevents users from being on medians, which could cause an extreme risk for them as motor vehicles drive very close to it, and the user could risk being run over. A median is the MIDDLE of a street, it is meant to separate cars, not hold people. A median is not a sidewalk. Officers have complained about users purposefully walking in front of their vehicle from a median, trying to get run over, or users protesting on medians. It is not the right place to be protesting.

§ Section I-A: The act of “Standing on a Median” shall be illegalized.

§ Section I-B: “Standing on a Median” shall be defined as: “The act of standing on a median other than to cross the street.”

§ Section I-B-a: Users in violation of this offense may be cited with a $200 citation.

§ Section I-B-b: The term “median” shall be defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary as: “A narrow strip of land or concrete between the two sides of a large road, separating the vehicles moving in opposite directions.”

§ Section I-C: Public Employees, the Stapleton County Fire department, and all on-duty Law Enforcement Officers, if on-duty, shall be exempt from this legislation should they have plausible reasoning to be on the median.

§ Section I-C-a: “Public Employees” shall be defined as:

§ Section I-C-b: “Stapleton County Fire Department” shall be defined as:

§ Section I-D: The Law Enforcement Agencies of the State of Firestone shall enforce this legislation, alongside the Firestone Courts.

§ Section I-E: This legislation shall go into effect upon following the Constitutional procedures set forth.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of Firestone

Chief Sponsor(s):

Senator Stamose


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