A Bill to Further Recognize Misdemeanors

A Bill to Further Recognize Misdemeanors

PREAMBLE: To finalize the definition and pursuit of civil infractions, and to ensure the welfare of our court system.


SECTION 1: The term “misdemeanor” shall be defined as: a low-severity crime.

SECTION 1A: The term “standing” shall be defined as: the act of having a clear relevance (as a victim) within a submitted suit.

SECTION 1B: The term(s) “incarceration, imprisonment” shall be defined as: the act of a judicial [officer] sentencing a defendant to an allotted amount of time to prison.

SECTION 1C: The term “primary appellate court” shall be defined as: any court restricted to appeals.

SECTION 1D: The term “evidence” shall be defined as: a photograph or video, provided [it] follows proper evidentiary rules (set by the Firestone Supreme Court), used in an effort against the defendant’s plea, with the exception the plea of ‘Not Guilty.’

SECTION 2: Misdemeanors shall be pursued by an individual party with due standing and presided by an approved judge within the Firestone District Court.

SECTION 2A: Associate Justices of the Firestone State Supreme Court shall be able to preside over such cases.

SECTION 2B: Any justices of a primary appellate court shall not preside over any cases involving a misdemeanor, unless such case is an appeal.

SECTION 3: Any victim with due standing in the occurrence misdemeanor may pursue charges against the perpetrator of the offense.

SECTION 4: Applicable punishments, provided (a) defendant has been found guilty, include: order of suspension/termination from a non-elected government office, referral for removal from an elected office, public apology, dismissal from any formal agreement(s) between an [employee] and their leaders, censure by the court respecting the actions of the accused, reinstatement of employment (if applicable).

SECTION 5: No person(s) shall ever be sentenced to imprisonment as the result of a case pursued in a civil court.
SECTION 5: This bill will take effect upon its passage.

SECTION 6: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,

Chief Sponsor:
Rep. yosebleed

Rep. TheMatthew_RBLX
Rep. PewDiePie
Rep. Sir_Mr

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