A Bill to End False Blacklists

A Bill to End False Blacklists


Section 1: Department heads, deputy heads, administrative members, high command members, etc, will lose the power to freely blacklist any individual they desire from their respective department who did not break a term, rule, or have been charged in court. This legislation will make sure that all blacklists are legitimate, meaning that blacklists and other punishments would only be applied to members of their respective department when they have broken a term for that department, or have been criminally charged in court.

Section 2: All cases related to false blacklists will be overseen by the Firestone Courts (Court Justice+), all individuals who are given a false blacklist by their respective department will need to file for a civil litigation when suing their respective department or a certain individual within the department who blacklisted the said individual.

Section 2A: In the act of when a presiding justice oversees a case related to a false blacklist, and is in favor of the plaintiff, then the false given blacklist that was issued to the plaintiff shall immediately be revoked by order of the presiding justice. Any department head, deputy head, administrative member, high command members, etc, who issues a blacklist and refuses to revoke the said blacklist when ordered to do so by the Firestone courts shall be charged with Criminal Contempt of The Court (shall now be recognized as a crime within this legislation; shall be considered a felony). The Firestone courts (Court Justice+) shall oversee all cases related to criminal contempt of the court. It shall be the duties of the Department of Justice to prosecute/investigate all individuals accused/charged with criminal contempt of the court; a criminal litigation will need to be filed. If an individual is found guilty of the crime of criminal contempt of the court, then that individual shall be subjected to suspension or termination from their respective department, or by a justification ordered by the presiding justice of the case.

Section 3: It shall be the duties of the Firestone Courts (Court Justice+), and the Department of Justice to enforce this legislation.

Section 3A: The Firestone Courts shall be defined as: Firestone Courts - Roblox

Section 3B: The Firestone Department of Justice shall be defined as: Firestone Department of Justice - Roblox

Section 4: Upon passage from the State of Firestone Congress, this legislation shall go into effect immediately.

Section 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the Senate of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Lieutenant Governor. Virginian_State
Citizen. MarcTheEmperor

Senator. BennamStyle
Senator. Rinextel
Senator. DevMartavis
Representative. iMeepler
Representative. policetonyR
Representative Rtlicious

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