A Bill To Allow SCFD Team With Firearms

A Bill To Allow SCFD Team With Firearms

SECTION 1: Any and all SCFD (that are allowed to go on team) Shall be able to carry Firearms with them if they have a valid CFCT license.

SECTION 2: All individuals must obtain their Firearms from Path’s gun store and shall not possess an illegal Firearm.

SECTION 3: All SCFD individuals may only carry the following Firearms with them while on duty and NO other:

  1. CZ75
  2. Tec-9

SECTION 4: The Firearm may be only used at a event that is life threating for self defense.

SECTION 4A: Distress Signal Button shall be pressed immediately after using the Firearm.

SECTION 5: Shall go in effect immediately upon passage.

SECTION 6: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

Submitted to the Congress of Firestone.

Cheif Sponsor: Senator, WockaFIocka


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