50statess for County Council

SECTION I. Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is 50statess and I am currently running for the County Council. I’ll be keeping this short and simple since many don’t actually read this.

SECTION II. Experience

Here is my current experience,

Firestone State Patrol - Trooper
Firestone State Patrol Air Support Unit - Pilot
Emdy Coffee - Barista
Peace Officer Standards and Training Certified
FFA FF/EMT-B Certified
Firestone Fried Chicken Director
Stapelton County Fire Department - Firefighter
Redwood City Council

Here is my former experience,

Former Stapleton County Sheriffs Office Deputy
Former Department of Corrections Correctional Officer
Former Department of Public Works Senior Public Employee x2
Former Department of Transportation Public Employee x2
Former Original Pizza Employee
Former Peace Officer Standards and Training - Instructor

SECTION III. Plans and Goals

My plans are to work with the people, help them out with what they have to say and try make it happen. I plan on listening to all Businesses employee’s and command. Getting into a Business’ is a great way to start or continue your Firestone career, so why not expand the Department of Commerce. Next, I plan on hearing out to the Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Department, see what they have to say so they can continue to thrive. Those are all of my plans while a County Councilmen if elected.

SECTION IV. Conclusion
Thank you for reading my speech. Any concerns, comments or feedback is much appreciated. Please contact me through Discord, states#8295.

Same speech from last time :fire::fire::fire:… support

yk it brotha

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AS Deputy Director of Firestone Fried Chicken I FULLY support and endorse !!