12 Hour Jail Time

Hello everyone!

In November of 2019, I made a forum post similar to this one. The forum post got a lot of attraction, and in the end, the jail time was lowered from the absurd 72 hours to 24 hours. Currently, it stands at 12 hours, and I believe that it is absurdly high, especially considering the little to no roleplay present in V2. Here are my main points for this:

1. Lack of Roleplay
If you ever go to V2, it can be seen that roleplay in the county is practically non-existent. Usually, the “roleplay” consists of people ramming scenes, ramming you, and acting like pure baboons. Now, I am pretty sure no one likes to deal with these types of people, if not a good majority of you probably do not – citizen and LEO alike. Now, when there is roleplay, do you see your local bacon hair scene rammer giving you those decently engaging roleplay scenarios like a hostage situation or active shooter? I’d think not, and the people who do these situations are known and respectable criminals within this community. Does it really sound normal to, essentially, punish people by sticking them in a room with 4 lego brick walls for 12 hours, a longer period of time than most American schools, for playing the game. Now, it is important to mention that your bacon hair rammers aren’t the ones getting punished, it’s your roleplaying criminals who actually interact in a realistic manner with law enforcement. You already complain about the lack of quality roleplay, now you’re going to stick people who actually roleplay in jail? Pathetic, to say the least.

2. Departure of Decent Criminals
This is pretty self-explanatory. We can see this with a few criminals already, for many reasons including the insane jail time. With what is happening right now, putting people in jail for playing the game for hours on end, criminals will leave. Now, do not get me wrong: if you do the crime, you should go to jail. However, this concept is being taken way out of proportion. Jail, in my opinion, should serve as a time of intermission for law enforcement to finish up a scene, deal with medical, and have some time to deal with anything else they have to (ammo, supervisors, etc). However, sending criminals into jail for 12 hours isn’t intermission. It’s halting roleplay for 12 hours. However, at this rate, we won’t even have any roleplay left at all due to criminals simply rage quitting due to the insane jail time. Criminals are critical to the game, if you think otherwise, you are insanely oblivious.

3. Welcome to Roblox, a videogame
Believe it or not, we all play Roblox, which is a game. The purpose of a game is to provide entertainment to whoever is playing it, and if they do not get that entertainment from the game, they would typically stop playing. If you think being locked in a cell block for 12 hours in-game straight is entertainment, I really feel bad because your life must be insanely boring. Nobody wants to be shoved in a room for 12 hours in-game. You’re giving an insanely harsh punishment to those who contribute so much to the game’s roleplay, it’s honestly so sad. The community already has toxicity, as if that wasn’t a harsh enough punishment, and on top of that, you’re punishing people for playing the game. The people who ram SCFD and act like pure dipshits aren’t going to be the ones spending time in jail. Report these people to game moderation, and we can ban them. Why are we giving people half a day in-game as punishment when they could rather be spending that time contributing to the roleplay of the county?

4. No Increase In Crime
My final point may be debatable, so if there are any fake facts here, please let me know. When the jail time was lowered to 24 hours, people thought the crime rate would increase. However, being in V2 for a bit, the crime rate has been at a sustainable rate, if not under what I would think is fun. We could also see some new criminals emerge as well due to the decrease in the maximum jail time. I really see absolutely no damage being caused if the jail time is lowered. It would actually increase the roleplay and simply be beneficial.

As I mentioned before, there is absolutely no damage that could possibly be caused. This game, believe it or not, strives on criminal engagement. None of you would have a purpose in the county if criminals did not exist. I still think people fail to understand this. Why are we driving out the base engagement of the game? Do you seriously want to go on duty every single time just to be rammed the living shit out of by a CV? Most of us would hop on the bandwagon and say that all the issues are due to development. Yeah sure some of them are, but can you control it? No, but change what you can control. You can change the maximum jail time, and by doing that, you’re making the community slightly better.

Therefore, I urge Congress to decrease the maximum jail time from 12 hours to, preferably 1 hour. This may be a big jump, but I truly think it is needed. Evidently, the jump from 72 hours to 24 hours actually decreased the crime rate, and I think this trend will continue. I would much rather prefer 30 minutes or even less, but I know that’s highly debatable territory. I’m open to personally anything, but 12 hours is too much.

Those of you who read the entire post, thank you, truly appreciate it regardless of your opinions on the situation. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the situation below!

TL;DR: 12 hours is too much, take it down; results in more FRPers, fewer criminals, fewer things for cops to do; the jump from 72 to 24 hours decreased crime, so it shouldn’t have an abnormal effect on crime.


maybe not straight to one hour.

but yes

lower jail time. maybe to 10 or 8 and then maybe lower in the future??


make it 1 or no deal


max to at least 3 hours pls




Open to anything, but do take into account the opinions of both criminals and LEOs.


5 mins max


1 hour for crimes, unlimited sentence for contempt lets go


big big big big big big big big support. only like 2 months ago, i had 2 court cases for the stupidest of things that when other people who aren’t as known do it - they won’t get this type of punishment (example; awadw). both cases were for 5 hours each in the timespan of less than a week, so when i joined for the first time that week i had to do 10hrs which i really didnt want to do and i didnt want to play v2 anymore, but here i am still somehow. also i know a lot of older crims that left and their only reason was because of stupidly extensive jail time.




we have to go slow so the people who are diehard max jail time calm down.


i suggest

6 hours max

but that’d only be like if you do something stupid like a courts-only felony

change the sentencing rules so that way, except for special cases, max court-issued sentence is like an hour or half in total


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wow this is amazing message. i crankyiuke support.


should be AT LEAST 2-3 hours max.


Might be the only forum post I have read without skipping an single word.

Support, I used to once believe in 72 hours in DoC untill I got my own 72 hours in June of 2019. Even for a LEGO game I have to say it did have some effects on me. I played Firestone for entertainment because its the only game I have ever found interest in. Being in DoC for a long period of time made me feel like I wasn’t able to enjoy the game with my friends.

After doing my long period of time I remember that I slowly stop doing crimes in Firestone. I also remember when @b0org went to a military related groups after his 27 hour in DoC and when I asked him to return he kept on saying “oh, I don’t play that game anymore” Of course, he did return after a long break. (The list of criminals who lost taste to Firestone after long jail sentence goes on.)

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People say that “LoNg JaIlTiMe MeAnS RoLePlAyS”

I honestly find that to be false, most of the time I have gotten long jail sentences DoC was busy doing a lockdown at the entrance. (It may have changed now but not sure)

Some say “Do the crime do the time”
I honestly have to say that is kind of dumb. I don’t think that any LEO in Firestone spend more than 30 mintues of exhausting brain draining work to catch a suspect.


if crims have to spend 12 hours in prison then LEOs should have to wait 13 minutes for a hostage sit to be completed without rushing it.


lemmie just plop this in


HEY THATS MY RP!!!, I was so pissed after that. Scriblelz and I spend hours planning that cool RP. I even wasted Robux to look like a legit crook. We used a CZ and a crowbar only to make it more realistic (since you dont see robbers walking around with an AK always) We invited some people to come and RP as costumers and scriblelz and I rped robbing them (stole the ladies purse, stole the guys watch and etc). We didn’t even hold them down as hostage. We just wanted to do a pub robbery and escape in a car so they can chase us down and do those (what do i find in your trunk rp). We even made up the feature ngl. I played a robbery alarm on my car radio and called 911 saying [Robbery alarm] [The pub is being robbed] and when they finally showed up they said all was this isn’t a game feature and not a RP and then DHS just rushed in shooting.


I dont spend SHIT trying to catch suspects. Fuck doing that when a BOLO and the SCSO Fuckers at CD do it faster.


I agree with you. People don’t want to spend time on a game that punishes you for playing.

Another idea that would be fun for both criminals and LEOs would be to make the in-game prison system more lively. Out of the hundreds of arrests I’ve probably got only once or twice would a DoC officer come and talk to me or let me make soup. Most of the time they are sitting out front AFK or doing something else.

If there was an update that added a prison regime, where prisoners have to follow a strict timetable and have stuff like Breakfast/Dinner and yard time on their schedules (and DoC officers have to keep them in line), it would make getting arrested feel more like a part of roleplay rather than a punishment for roleplaying as the bad guy.