10-7 - The code to prevent confusion

You got 10-8, which we know as ‘In Service’ or ‘On Duty’

We have 10-10, which means off-duty.

Problem is, people tend to use 10-10 as a way of telling others that they may be AFK, but this could cause confusion. I feel there should be a 10-code to tell others that you’re still in the server, but not available for calls or responses.

I did a bit of research, and according to copradar 10-7 means ‘Out of Service’, while 10-10 mean different things, apart from in Wulnut Creek, where 10-10 actually means ‘Off Duty’ (like in SC)

I assumed that the 10 codes used are a hybrid of general use, and Wulnut Creek, so I feel that 10-7 is a good code to represent ‘Out of Service’

Keep in mind, this would be used for AFKing or something that requires you to get away from the PC

What do you think?

  • That’s a perfect idea!
  • Yeah sure, why not?
  • Nah, that’s kinda unecessary
  • No, that’s stupid, and frankly, I think you deserve a court martial for such a preposterous idea

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this is not up to devs to regulate, i’ve been trying to tell dps to organize the public safety dept’s codes


You were taught in POST to not say “10-10 bathroom”. You were taught to just say 10-10. We don’t need a 10-7. Just use 10-10. Also 10-7 reminds me of them TRC days.


say no more,

even though i did see ‘Development’ I noticed other people post similar shit like this and no one else said anything.

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Ok I saw the poll, it’s a shit idea.

We’ll move on

bring it up to the POST director

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dps u mean

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post director recently released new LEO radio codes so im pretty sure it would be post

if it was dps then dhs wouldnt use

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post doesn’t really govern any other departments

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Please close this is useless, this isnt ganna happen and never is ganna happen

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Did you not see my previous comment?

I know it was a shit idea, you can stop busting my balls on it now

Fuck, man…

10 codes are not up to the devs (up to DPS), but fed wants to move to plain speech

also getting off topic

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